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Zapp Renfro (ザップ・レンフロ, Zappu Renfuro) is a member of the Libra organization and master of the Big Dipper blood fighting style along with Zed O'Brien who was taught by Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi.


A tall, lanky, white haired black man with dark skin. He typically wears a black, long-sleeved muscle-shirt under a white suit and shoes and is often seen smoking a cigar. and walks with a pose


Described as a hotheaded, hyper-sexual juvenile punk, he is easily annoyed, quick to lose his temper & his juvenile actions often get him & others into trouble.

Despite this, he is supposedly good at looking after new members, and so was assigned as Leo's partner/Bodyguard. He is also something of a ladies man, possessing several lovers in town.

For reasons unknown, he continuously tries to fight Klaus, only to be routinely smacked down.


Those Shrouded in Fog.

Zapp is introduced when Leo runs into him whilst trying to survive the gunfight between the HLPD and the Bank Robber where he confuses the boy for their new Member, Johnny Landis.

In the manga, whilst en-route to Libra's office, he takes a swing at Leo to both intimidate him and test his mettle, only to be impressed when the latter doesn't flinch & tells him not to underestimate him.

He also promptly launches an attack on Klaus upon arriving at the office, only to be easily defeated & placed on the ground, where he is promptly stepped on by Chain Sumeragi, to his ire.

Following Chain's outing Leo as an impostor, Zapp bore witness to Femto's unleashing half a Yog-gphot downtown and commented how the second release would be something big.

When the gate opened in Klaus office, he was able to survive with only minor injuries, to Chain's ire, and tells her to look for Klaus, knowing the man would have sheltered Leo from the attack.

Initially suspecting Leo to be an agent of Femto, after hearing the boy's backstory, he is tasked by Klaus to help Leo, now a member of Libra, to 'save the world' by destroying the gate before the halves can rejoin.

In the manga, following the gate's destruction, he is seen eating at the remains of Vivian's Diner along with Klaus and an exhausted Chain.

Follow That Phantom Ghost Wagon.

Zapp is first seen attacking Klaus in Libra's office, only to be easily defeated & dumped on the ground, where he throws a mini-tantrum just before being stepped on by Chain.

When Leo delivers a pizza to one of Zapps' girlfriends' apartment, Zapp answers the door in the nude & takes the pizza without paying for it, something he's been doing frequently ever since he was assigned as the boy's partner.

While hitching a ride to his next fling, Leo freaks out at the sight of Beyonders stuffing vacuum-sealed humans into a wagon, causing Zapp to marvel at the 'Eyes of God', as all he can see is a laundry truck.

Unfortunately, one of the Beyonders realizes that they were being watched & ambushes the pair, kidnapping Leo, though not before an injured Zapp is able to attach a blood-thread to him.

Zapp is rushed to the hospital, seemingly comatose, though in actuality he is focussing on maintaining the blood thread until the wagon stops, causing him to expend more blood, even as it's transfused into him.

When Leo causes the wagon to crash, Zapp awakens and promptly ignites the thread, allowing Chain to track the Wagon down so Klaus can destroy it & save Leo.

Zapp is later shown smoking in the hospital garden, wondering how he's going to get free pizza now that Leo is hospitalized.

A Game Between worlds.

Zapp storms into Klaus' office covered in blood from a fight with a druggie earlier 7 promptly sits on Leo's head. After learning of Angel's Scale and witnessing the attack on the President, Zapp leaves with Leo to track down the dealers, during which time he explains Klaus' fascination with Prosfair, only to return, having found no leads.

After Klaus wins the location of the dealers from the Don, a tearfull K.K orders Libra to mobelize, threatening to shoot them all if they let the dealers escape. Zapp & Leo team up once again and by the end of the day the entire drug racket is rounded up and locked away.

Bloodline Fever

Arriving late to the Party, Zapp is startled by the sight of K.K, who, possibly drunk, threatens not to attack him, much to his discomfort. Seeking shelter among 'The Cabal', the festivities come to a close when, whilst talking with Klaus, Leo unwittingly reveals that he saw the Aura of a Blood Breed Elder in the Subway.

When Zapp attempts to inform Leo of this, he is brushed off, annoying him, only for his annoyance to give way to terror when Klaus decides to bring in his teacher, 'Lucky' Abrams, who Zapp & Leo run into on the street, only to look on in horror as the man's curses cause a massive pile-up.

After Abrams has Leo attempt to read the list of names he brought with him, Zapp accompanies the pair & Klaus to the metro, where he bemoans the others cowardice and Abrams inability to realize why people are avoiding him, all the while freaking out over every near-death experience being around the man causes.

When Klaus is alerted to the Elder's attack on the subway, Zapp helps comandeer a train & threatens the driver to go faster with his blood-sword so they can arrive in time to save K.K & Stephen. He is last seen with Klaus, Abrams, K.K 7 Stephen as Leo sees them surrounded by the same crimson aura as the Elder

Day In, Day Out.

Zapp is seen waiting for Leo to return with lunch from Jack's Rocket Diner, snidely noting how Leo is being corrupted by Hellsalem's Lot when he voices his surprise at the logo being removed from the wrappers due to some beyonders seeing it as 'bait'. He later visits Leo in hospital following his short-term amnesia.

Pandorum Asylum Phapsbody/The Tremorous Blood Hammer.

Zapp is seen riding on Leo's vespa when they are caught up in the destruction of the Monster truck. While Zapp is able to avoid the debris, Leo is captured and Zapp writes him off as dead, going so far as to purposefully ignore a call and text from him in order to avoid being 'cursed from beyond the grave'.

After the release of Hammer and Brody, Zapp is paired with the two & purposefully goes out of his way to antagonize Deldoro, who hopes (Zap) get's squashed. When Blood Hammer destroys the truck, Zapp uses his Blood-thread to create a net to catch Chain and Leo and later visits the pair in hospital before Doug decides to return to prison.

E-Den of Master Fighters.

In order to clear his debt with the owner of E-Den, Zapp pretends to have been taken hostage so that Klaus will come to rescue him, intending to have him fight his way through the tournament, only for his plans to be offset when one of the Beyonder fighters gets too eager, earning a savage beatdown courtesy of Klaus.

As the fights proceed, Zapp watches with anticipation, marveling at Klaus technique whilst mocking his straightforward attitude until the Owner himself jumps in. When the owner is revealed to be a blood breed manipulating a corpse, Zap attempts to leap down to help only for the Blood Breed to escape after tossing Klaus out of the ring.

Later, after things calm down, Zapp 'thanks' the oblivious Klaus for rescuing him, only to glare at Leo, who figured out the truth. He tries to pass the whole thing off as a learning experience for Klaus, when in actuality he simply hoped to tire the man out so he can finally defeat him. Needless to say, his attempt fails and he's brutally beaten off-screen.

One Butler's Blitzkrieg.

Zapp is first seen bursting into Klaus's office, holding a wounded arm. After being assaulted by Chain, he is quickly tended to by Gilbert. For the rest of the time he's seen with his arm in a sling, though he manages to play his psp thanks to his blood abilities.

When Gilbert's assistant and fellow Combat Butler has been kidnapped & his brain extracted, Zapp chides Gilbert for not informing him sooner and tags along with Leo as they go to rescue him, using a special port in the car-door to allow him to attack with his blade whilst still inside. During the combat, he remarks he's never seen Gilbert so riled up.

Power & Abilities[]

Big Dipper Blood Battle Style (斗流血法 Hikitsuboshiryū Keppō?): Kagutsuchi branch of the Big Dipper Blood Battle Style, which allows him to manipulate his blood into blades or thread, which he can then ignite to burn his opponents alive. This is called Big Dipper Blood Technique in the FUNinamtion dub.

  • Blade Form One, Homuramaru (刃身ノ壱·焔丸 Jinshin no Ichi, Homuramaru?, literally "Flame Round"): Zapp emits then solidifies his blood into a sword. This is called Blade One, Homuramaru in the FUNinamtion dub.
    • Giant Serpent Halberd (大蛇薙 Orochi Nagi?): While moving at breakneck speed, Zapp slashes the opponent with the sword Homuramaru turning into a whip sword to shred the target with one strike. This is called Serpent Slayer in the FUNimation dub.
  • Blade Form Two, Sky-Slicing Strands (刃身の式·空斬糸  Jinshin no Shiki, Kūzanshi?): Zapp generates his blood into a web of string that can slice and ensnare opponents.
    • Seventh Hell (七獄 Shichi Goku?): The sword transforms into a thread that restrains the target and ignites the target through the thread, resulting in a large explosion. This keeps its name in the FUNimation dub.
    • Shining Winding Binding (赫綰縛 Kakuwanbaku?): Zapp uses the Sky-Slicing Strands to create a net that's capable of catching large objects. This keeps its name in the FUNimation dub.
  • Blade Form Four, Crimson Bone-Eaten (刃身ノ四・紅蓮骨喰 Jishin no Yon, Guren Honebami?): Zapp emits then solidifies his blood into a large, jagged-edged sword.
  • Blade Form Six, Crimson Piercer (刃身ノ六・紅天突 Jishin no Roku, Benitentsuki?)
  • Crimson Orb-Weaver (紅絡新婦 Kurenai Jorogumo?): A technique which creates a net made of blood.


  • He bears a strong resemblance to Sherry Walken-MacDowell from Gungrave Overdose (after she become a deadwoman). His character design is likely to be a rework of hers, since her post-deadwoman form never appeared in the Gungrave anime (Nightow has been known to retool some of his previous character designs when creating new series').
  • In the novel: Blood Blockade Battlefront ~ Only A Pay-Per-Moon. (Kekkai Sensen Only a papermoon)[1] Zapp has a daughter named Valerie Bama, who comes 10 years from the future, to the past to meet her father.
  • Zapp's eye color has changed the most in official art, going from brown, red, blue, silver, to green.
    • However, in the anime his eye color is usually portrayed as blue.
  • In the Dark Horse english translation, his name is spelled "Zap Renfro".
  • Zapp's age was revealed in a Kekkai Sensen manga chapter.
  • In the Oneshot, a "Blood Breed" design resembling Zapp appears in the background when Klaus is explaining what Blood breeds are.
  • The Blood Blockade Battlefront Official Fan Book B5 reveals Zapp's height to be 178 cm (5'10") and his weight to be 64 kg (141 lbs).
  • Zapp draws his blood out using a device that both punctures his hand and act as a lighter for his attacks.