Zamedle Lolow Zeaze Nazamsandriga (ザメドル・ルル・ジアス・ナザムサンドリガ, Zamedoru Ruru jiasu nazamusandoriga) is a Blood Breed.

Plot[edit | edit source]

During the Great Collapse three years ago, he walks his dog and intends to feed on the people in Bradbury General Hospital. Klaus and Steven face him, and Klaus wonders if this fog is their doing, but Zamedle explains this world had always existed and sometimes the human world and this world merge like this. He releases his dog, who instantly passes by Klaus and Steven and enters the hospital, at the same time, Zamedle attacks Klaus and Steven, who manage to block his attack and Steven to freeze Zamedle's arm and break it, but he regenerates it instantly. Klaus decides to fight Zamedle alone, while Steven heads inside and defeats the dog and return in hundred seconds. As they start, a building is about to fall and crush them, but stops before doing so. Zamedle escapes and comments that it seems the human world had strong casters and its time for them to retreat.

The hospital emerges in the human world three years later and the dog comes to feed on the patients. Luciana cuts him to pieces, but Zamedle appears asking her to forgive her dog and then die. As he attacks, Klaus blocks his attack, making Zamedle realize he is the same fang hunter from before. He keeps fighting him, but feels something and attempts to attack Leonardo, but Steven protects him. Leonardo gives Zamedle name to Klaus, who as starts saying it, makes Zamedle panic and asking him to stop, but Klaus continues and manages to seal him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Vampire, he possesses all their abilities.

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