Yngwie (イングヴェイ, Inguvei) is one of the Tycoon Brothers and acts as bodyguards during the Calamity Auction. He and his brother make their first appearance in Blood Blockade Battlefront: Back 2 Back Chapter 15.

Personality/Reputation[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Blood Breeds, the Tycoon Brothers act as a security team protecting whatever their clients need. The two act very professional, not showing much emotion while on the job. However Yngwie can be often spotted carrying their pet dog. The siblings are well known throughout Hellsalem's Lot as “the strongest and most feared security tag team” and “known to always act together[1]. The dynamic duo have certainly earned their reputation as according to Marcus Lawno one who has ever fought them has survived”.[2]

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Manipulation: Like all Blood Breeds Yngwie has displayed the ability to freely manipulate, control and shape his own blood into weapons for combat.
    • Blood Spikes: Yngwie in particular showcase the ability to create blood spikes that penetrate his opponent’s body. The spikes themselves being shown to be strong enough to easily penetrate right through solid steel and the highly fortified cyborg bodies of the Top Secret Cyborg Squad of the USA. Once inside their targets, the spikes are shown to also be capable of extending itself and burrowing deep into its victims flesh, where they then begin sprouting out more spikes and taking root inside their victim and causing agonizing pain to them.
  • Blood Gate: Like other Blood Breeds, he can summon a cloaked figure that acts as a portal.
  • Superhuman Speed & Reflexes: Yngwie is also shown to be able to catch bullets in midair as well as catching a sword with two fingers by the highly advance cyborg unit of the US and easily catch a handful of bullets from a normal handgun with apparent ease. During his chase after Libra, Yngwie showed that he was fast enough to keep up and eventually catch up with a car.
  • Regeneration: As far as regeneration Yngwie is shown to be able to survive being cut in half and endure brutal disfiguration and damage to himself with ease and be able to easily restore his body back into its previous uninjured state. He is shown being able to endure multiple brutal attacks and injures with no apparent harm to his regeneration abilities. Later after being incinerated by Raju, he noted that Yangwie was a high class being and that he could easily restore himself back to normal the moment the flames dies down.
    • Immense Pain Resistance: Yangwie has shown to possess an immense pain thresh-hold that borders on complete indifference, this is seen where he showed to be completely unaffected to be brutalized and having his upper body brutalized and bifurcated and later having his arm broken and snapped like twig and showcased little to no reaction and simply continued on with his task as if nothing happened.

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