Desperate Fight In The Macro Zone
Japanese | English

Volume 07

Volume Info
Volume: 7
Japanese Title: マクロの決死圏
Romanized Title: Makuro no Kesshi-ken
ISBN (JP): 978-4088708683
ISBN (US): 978-1616555689
Release Date (JP): June 4, 2013
Release Date (US): February 17, 2015
Total Pages: 186
Volume Chronology
Volume 6 Volume 8

Desperate Fight In The Macro Zone (マクロの決死圏, Makuro no Kesshi-ken) is the 7th volume in the series.

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In Jerusalem's Lot--the mystically transmogrified New York City--a bacteria-sized crimefighter is on the trail of an equally microscopic foe. But the tiny terrorist is hiding out inside the body of Libra agent Leonard Watch's pal Real, and any threat turns poor Real into a titanic monstrosity. Leo's job one is to get the mini-cop inside Real to even the odds before Jersusalem's Lot becomes a parking lot!


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