Battle of the Werewolf
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Volume 06

Volume Info
Volume: 6
Japanese Title: 人狼大作戦
Romanized Title: Jinrō Dai Sakusen
ISBN (JP): 978-4088705583
ISBN (US): 978-1616555573
Release Date (JP): December 4, 2012
Release Date (US): September 9, 2014
Total Pages: 194
Volume Chronology
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Battle of the Werewolf (人狼大作戦, Jinrō Dai Sakusen) is the 6th volume in the series.

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Jerusalem’s Lot—the Big Apple gone to otherworldly hell—has unique crime problems. One of the Lot’s yakuza gangs is looking to up their armor, and dealers from the Beyond can provide serious arcane firepower that may be more than even the special agents of Libra can handle!