World and the Game World
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Volume 02

Volume Info
Volume: 2
Japanese Title: 世界と世界のゲーム
Romanized Title: Sekai to Sekai no Gēmu
English Title: A Game Between Worlds
ISBN (JP): 978-4088701097
ISBN (US): 978-1595829122
Release Date (JP): November 4, 2010
Release Date (US): May 22, 2012
Total Pages: 192
Volume Chronology
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World and the Game World (世界と世界のゲーム, Sekai to Sekai no Gēmu) is the 2nd volume in the series.

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In the interdimensional maelstrom of New Jerusalem--what New York used to be before it went to hell, literally!--the agents of Libra quietly keep the lid on the paranormal pressure cooker. When agent Klaus Reinhertz tracks the source of the super-drug Angel Scale, he is drawn into a deadly game with a mob boss from the Beyond: Win and have your dreams come true, lose and have your mind absorbed by the alien godfather!