Veneranda (ヴェネランダ, Veneranda) is Veneno’s daughter.

Plot[edit | edit source]

V-Dimensional Lineage[edit | edit source]

Veneranda has been isolated from the outside world inside a building owned by her father. After Veneno’s death, some of his employees tried to seize the building and take Veneranda, mocking her for not knowing of his father’s demise. It is then that Gordon, Veneno’s royal accountant, gives up hope on Veneno still being alive and plays a message he left for this case for her, where Veneno tells Veneranda she will need to change her way of life after inheriting the dimensional sword Senza Nome.

Just like him, her right eye is exchanged as part of the contract with the sword and replaced by a hole from where the sword comes out. She then slices her assailants and makes her escape along Gordon.

Calamity Auction[edit | edit source]

She attacks Zooloody’s while the Charops Jinko auction is taking place, slicing the whole venue with the dimensional sword. Her attack also ends slicing the Charops jinko, provoking the contents of the pot to spill out causing chaos and death in the city.

Amidst the chaos she enters the venue to find Curious , who was trying to steal the Charops jinko along with his allies. Veneranda tries to slice Curious but he is saved, and before she can try again she has to withdraw for reaching her cut limit.

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