Velved WS Rheinkeimer (ベルベット・WS・ラインカイマー Berubetto WS rainkaimā?) used to work for the Werewolf Bureau, but after getting injured in battle she lost her heightened senses.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She looks completely different from when she was working for the Bureau. Velvet has now multiple arms and tendrils extending from her head that she extends to perceive all. She has various piercings

Plot[edit | edit source]

Velved was a werewolf hunter, but during a fight she got seriously injured and lost the level of senses (hearing, smell and sight) required to capture a werewolf.

After making a deal with Zeodra to gain her senses back to get revenge on the Bureau, Velved allies herself with some military officers that were trying to create artificial Blood Breed soldiers and along them set a trap to eliminate the invisible werewolves. Chain Sumeragi was able to trick her during their fight, making Velved trigger her weapon and killling herself.

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