Veded (ヴェデッド, Vu~ededdo) is a beyondian who works as a housekeeper, and is employed by Steven A. Starphase.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Her face is roundish with no discernible nose, with a cross shaped mouth low on her face and two drop ears like tentacles. She has red skin with black patches on the tips of her limbs and top of her head, and her arms have short tentacles along them. She is seen wearing a white coat with a cream colored knit cap. For work, she wears a green shirt, an apron and a bandana.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Day In, Day Out[edit | edit source]

While working, Veded comments she is glad how Steven seemed excited for the party because he is usually tense, surprising him because most people tell him he is hard to read. She gets a little nervous thinking she overstepped the bounds, but Steven calms her worries. Veded spent the day helping Steven with the party’s preparations, and at his request cooked her special roasted beef. He dismisses her after his guests arrive, probably because he realizes their ploy, and she reluctantly complies. A little later that night while driving through the city, she finds Mizaria the cat and the walking-heads of the thugs that mugged Leo earlier fighting so she picks them up before continuing her way. She then sees Steven alone in the road, surprised by this she stops to ask if the party is already over. Two children leave the car so she proceeds to introduce them to Steven as her daughter Emilida (エミリーダ) and her son Gamiel (ガミエル). Soon they are spotted by Leo and Zapp, who were searching for the cat.

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