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Valsh Rozzo Valctovoel Girika (ヴァルクェル・ロッゾ・ヴァルクトヴォ・エル・ギリカ, Varukeru Rozzo Varukutovo Eru Girika)


Girika has light pink hair, getting darker closer to the tips. Her hair is relatively short, using a stereotypical vampirie M shape cut. She wears a black sweater dress with the sleeves pulled up and thigh high black boots. Her skin is a pale grey, similar to other vampiric representations. Her eyes are a crimson red like most other Blood Breeds and she wears dark lipstick to match,



Girika comes looking for what she heard people refer to as the human weapons (The organization Libra). Members of Libra had heard that two blood breeds were in the subway, so K.K and Steven A. Starphase go there to confront her, defeating her ghouls in the process, but were quickly defeated.

Girika mocks the two for their abilities, stating that even if their blood weapons were capable of damaging her body, her regeneration would nullify any damage they do. However, with the help of Leonardo Watch's Eyes of the Gods, Klaus Von Reinherz seals her with Pattern 999, confining her to a small crucifix.

Power & Abilities[]

Girika possesses the regeneration and ghoul manipulation of the average Blood Breed and is able to defeat K.K. and Steven A. Starphase in battle simultaneously.

In the Manga, she has displayed the ability to shapeshift her body to assume different forms or create weapons from her flesh & blood.