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Tonio Andretti (トーニオ・アンドレッティ, Tōnio Andoretti) is a relatively fresh Blood Breed.


He dressed in a white suit & shoes over a purple shirt with the collar & top two buttons undone.


A run-of-the-mill Mafia Playboy, Tonio was devotedly loyal to his Boss, Lorenzo the Frank, for picking him off the streets and basically letting him do as he pleased.

Considered loud and immature by the more serious members of the gang, he could be unusually perceptive, especially in regards to the boss' condition.


5.5 Tonio Andretti's final Nineteen Hours.

After arriving in Hellsalem's lot, he was given money to go enjoy himself, which he used to have a night on the town, culminating in a tryst with a 'Beyondian' girl.

Post Coitus, she mentions how young Aztecs were plied with wine and women before being sacrificed. Initially dismissive, her words unsettle Tonio when he came face to face with the Dimension Gate and realized he was the only one surprised.

Attempting to run, he is captured by the Vampire Elder, Valsh Rozzo Valctovoel Girika, whom Lorenzo sold him to in order to cure his illness, possibly by becoming a Vampire himself.

However, Girika instead murders Lorenzo and the rest of his gang, revealing herself to be the same 'beyondian' Tonio slept with. She offers him the chance to become like her and he accepts without question, the two going off to kill Libra.

6. Bloodline Fever.

Tonio, now a Vampire himself, is later seen massacring the armored riot police in the subway along with Girika, who voices her displeasure that he cannot handle such things alone yet.

When Steven A. Starphase and K.K. arrive at the scene, he is shown reclining with Girika, questioning her if these are the 'Old Friends' she came to kill, to which she informs him to be wary of their blood. Following their defeat, he is soundly crushed by Klaus, who then goes on to seal Girika.

At the end of the chapter he is shown regenerating whilst cursing Libra and questioning the whereabouts of his 'Master Signora', seemingly unaware of her being sealed away.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Vampire, he possesses all their abilities, albeit on a far weaker scale than an Elder like Girika due to being freshly turned. He is shown to be capable of altering his body to form weapons and seems to possess impressive regeneration abilities, as he survived being completely crushed by Klaus' attack in the manga.