Riga El Menuhyut (リガ=エル=メヌヒュト Riga Eru Menuhyuto?), called the Ophthalmology Engineer for Beings of Higher Existence (上位存在のお抱え眼科技師 Jōi Sonzai no Okakae Ganka Gishi?) by Dr. Gamimotz, was the one responsible for bestowing humans, including Leonardo Watch, with the "All Seeing Eyes of the Gods".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Riga El Menuhyut is a massive, monstrous entity wearing a purple cloak with four arms, one pair being much larger than the other pair, and two wing-like protrusions on either side of its bulbous head with a single eye nestled in its mouth. It wears golden bangles on its smaller arms and rings with eyeballs on each of its fingers. Its wing-like structures host dozens of eyeballs that spiral around randomly.

According to Leonardo, it has a soft and indifferent voice.

Plot[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Throughout the ages, Riga El Menuhyut would appear before humans during times of major cataclysms whilst bearing the 'Eyes of the Gods' and present them the question of "Who will see to the end?". Once selected, the chosen holders of the eyes would then observe and record these events using the eyes bestowed upon them.

After the event that caused the advent of Hellsalem's Lot, Riga El Menuhyut abruptly appears again before Leonardo and his sister Michella Watch while they were sightseeing and forces the siblings to choose. Despite realizing that 'The one who does not see' would go blind, Michella selflessly offers up her own eyesight so that her brother would receive the 'Eyes of the Gods'.

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