Morzo Guazza is one of the fanciest top restaurants in Hellsalem's Lot with a specialty in Earthly-Beyondian fusion cuisine. Their food is said to be so good that it can drive people insane.

About[edit | edit source]

Morzo Guazza seems to be located deep within the city given the thick fog that surrounds the building, but it is not clear in what side of the gate sits.

The best cooks from Beyond and Earth are gathered to work in their kitchens, aspiring to achieve the peak of flavor. The fusion of otherworldly and earthly cuisine has already given way to a cooking with incredible flavors.

The restaurant is frequented by celebrities, world leaders and underground bosses, so there are some security measures in place to avoid conflicts between them and to protect the building. The rooms and hallways are shifted around with a spatial reorganization technique to prevent customers from running into each other, and the building is protected by layers of camouflage spells.

Story[edit | edit source]

Libra is invited to the restaurant as a humble thanks from the prince of a southeast asian country for the help provided during a crisis. Meanwhile a terrorist group is trying to take over the place to get to the prince, Libra being completely oblivious to it.

While going to the bathroom, Leo lost sight of his accompanying waiter and ends up crossing paths with Femt, who realizes something is wrong because of the uncontrolled shifting of the place. Seeing that Leo can see when the shifts are taking place, he makes him guide him through the hallways to reach the exterior and get rid of the people attacking the place.

After dealing with the terrorists, Femt tells a questioning Leo that he helped because he loves the food of the restaurant and to forget their encounter. As a thanks for his help in the matter, Leo receives an invitation to come again.

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