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Martin (マーティン, Mātin) works as truck driver who transports gas. His partner is Roger.


Martin is a tall and average guy, who has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes.



Martin and Roger hit Nej and go out to check him and Roger gets angry at how reckless Nej was, but see he is fine. Not wanting to escalate the situation as that would cause them trouble and seeing Nej keeps talking about burgers, Roger tells Martin to give Nej Roger's half-eaten burger which Nej happily accepts.

Later they buy Nej buy 4 burgers on the price of 16, knowing that Nej can't buy them himself and charge him extra.

They got in trouble and need to get some money fast. Scared Roger pisses himself and Martin puts on a gas mask as he can't stand the smell. They end up hitting Nej again and Roger gets angry and starts beating him. Martin tries to stop him, but as Roger keeps hitting Nej, he turns red and releases spores, causing everyone to collapse. Martin is surprised of what's going on and takes Roger and leaves.

On the next day, Martin realizes that Roger has no memories of what happened and its because of Nej's spores. He finds him and kidnaps him along with Leonardo. As they beat Nej, Martin explains that when he turns red, he releases spores that cause people to forget and that way they can pay what they owe and even earn some money. Leonardo wakes up and manages to cause Nej to hold the spores, but Martin and Roger keep beating Nej. In order to stop them, Leonardo uses his eyes, but that makes Martin angry who hits him with his bat. Seeing that, Nej gets angry and releases big amount of spores affecting everyone and causing them to forget the last two weeks.

Power & Abilities[]