Magra de Grana (マグラ・ド・グラナ, Magura do Gurana) is a beyondian who found the "Phantom Hospital" in the Alterworld after it was left behind, when Hellsalem's Lot was formed. He is responsible for Luciana Estevez' loss of her humanity and the gain of her cloning ability.

Plot[edit | edit source]

During the Great Collapse, he wanders around helping Beyondians and healing them. He ends up in Bradbury General Hospital, where he finds Luciana injured along with other people. By her desire, he gives her the ability to split and perform high-speed treatments.

He stayed in the hospital and became the director. Three years later when the hospital emerged in the human world, Klaus and Steven visited it again and Magra introduced himself and explained about Luciana.

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