Li Gado (機装医師リ・ガド, Ki Sō ishi Ri gado) is an intelligent microbe and a hyperdoctor specialized in fighting pathogens using weaponry. He wears an exosuit similar to a flea that shields him from the atmosphere, and operates a small round robot to work.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Li Gado came to Hellsalem's Lot in pursuit of the terrorist pathogen Gemnemo to capture him, but the weapon he constructed to do it got destroyed when it collided with Leo’s head. He follows Leo home to build a new weapon, and uses the occasion to tell him about Gemnemo’s threat and the danger of not stopping him, but Leo has a hard time taking the Gemnemo threat seriously. Using the undamaged parts from the original weapon Li Gado constructs a new one, but since he can’t use it because his regular gear is under repair, he recruits Leo to aid him after seeing him use his eyes to guide Sonic. Leo ends up taking him to Libra’s office in hope they might know something about Gemnemo’s whereabouts. By coincidence, Klaus came into contact with a gigantifid Riel, giving them a lead about Gemnemo’s location. Li Gado and Libra then devised a plan to stop him making use of Leo’s eyes to guide Sonic through Riel’s cochlea to find Gemnemo and shot him with the Fuldra cannon. They are able to stop Gemnemo and reverse Riel’s gigantification.

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