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Leonardo Watch (レオナルド・ウォッチ, Reonarudo Wocchi) is the primary protagonist of the series. He is a photographer who came to Hellsalem's Lot to help his younger sister, Michella Watch. Upon visiting Hellsalem's Lot, an entity known as Riga El Menuhyut gave him the "All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods" at the cost of his younger sister's eyesight.


Aside from his eyes, Leo is a decidedly normal young man and can be somewhat of a coward, easily intimidated by the bizarre nature of Hellsalem's Lot. Though, he bears an adventurous and courageous side as well, growing less cowardly as he gets used to his new home. He tends to express his emotions openly, whether they be excitement at something new and enjoyable, fear of the insanity and dangers of Hellsalem's lot or annoyance at Zapp's negligent and irresponsible attitude. Guilt-stricken that he was not courageous enough to speak up and prevent his sister's sight from being taken away, Leo is determined to uncover the secrets of his All-Seeing Eyes and try to find a way to restore his sister's sight.

He is a very kind person, as he works very hard to earn money to support his sister but refuses to be paid by Libra more than he feels he deserves and takes a second job as a pizza delivery man to cover the fees. In addition, he quickly becomes friends with a mushroom monster in episode 6 despite the common prejudice humans have towards monsters from Hellsalem's Lot. He even offers to meet him at a specific time any day he can to buy him burgers as his friend had been conned and forced to pay quadruple the amount of money needed to pay for the soda since monsters weren't allowed into the burger establishment.

While he lacks the combat skills of his fellow Libra members, he is quite clever and quick to adapt to situations. Michella fondly calls him her "Tortoise Knight", because Leo never runs away even if he freezes up and cannot move, even if he is at a loss, and will endure until the moment he can take a step forward.

Despite having the powers of the All-seeing God's eyes, he refuses to abuse them for his own benefit. When an arrogant tourist beats Leo and takes his wallet, Leo refuses to use his eyes to attack the aggressor. Leo later tries to confront the aggressor with nothing more than an electrical katana which would not kill the man but only hurt him (despite having access to a large number of weapons that could've easily killed the man), demonstrating Leo's pacifistic nature and kind heart.

He is usually partnered with Zapp Renfro, and is typically forced to put up with the man's shenanigans, often voicing his displeasure towards them.



Around the time of the advent of Hellsalem's Lot, Leonardo's family visited a monument in New York on the fragile hope that they could find a means to enable Michella to walk. However, while shooting a photo, the being Riga El Menuhyut appeared before the siblings bearing the 'Eyes of the Gods' and promptly asked: "who will see through the end."

Despite realizing that 'The one who does not see' would lose their sight, Leo freezes and shortly hesitates before Michella selflessly offers up her own eyesight so that he may receive the 'Eyes of the Gods'. Leo was struck with recurrent episodes of severe convulsions and vomiting for the first week after the implantation, and afterward took another two weeks to get used to the overwhelming and overlapping amount of information provided by the eyes.

Those Shrouded in Mist.[]

Six months later, whilst talking with Vivian at her restaurant 's diner, Leo's camera is stolen by a Sonic Monkey, causing him to chase after it only to be caught up in the gunfight between the HLPD and a bank robber.

Whilst trying to escape, he runs into Zapp, an agent of Libra who mistakes him for Johnny Landis, their new member. Realizing that Libra could help him find answers, Leo pretends to be Johnny and follows Zapp to meet Libra's leader, Klaus Von Reinherz.

After being exposed as a fake by Chain Sumeragi, Leo pleads his case just as Femt starts his 'game', releasing half a Yog-Gphot in Hellsalem's Lot, instructing them to destroy the second gate to keep the two halves from uniting.

Leo's eyes allow him to see the attack before it hits, though Klaus is still injured trying to save him. After revealing his past, he is formally invited into Libra and paired with Zapp to destroy the second Gate, which he deduces is not planted on the monkey, but rather a flea on the monkey's body, thwarting Femt's plan.

Follow that Phantom Ghost Wagon.[]

Set sometime after his induction into Libra, Leo is first seen driving a pizza delivery bike while listening to 'It's a Wonderful Beyond'. In the anime, he witnesses a brother and sister pair that remind him of his little sister, Michella. There is also a short scene in Libra's office where Zapp attacks Klaus, only to be defeated and summarily stepped on by Chain.

After being cheated out of a pizza by Zapp yet again, Leo is forced to give the man a ride to his next date when they stumble across a suspicious looking group that, after conversing with Zapp, appear to be operating under an illusion only Leo's eyes can penetrate.

While Zapp calls Chain to report the sighting, the pair is attacked shortly and Leo is taken hostage, though not before Zapp manages to connect his blood to him. Awakening inside the wagon, Leo learns that the smugglers are kidnapping people to sell as food and attempts to use his 'Eyes of the Gods' to escape, only to startle his captors.

As they threaten to kill him, Leo realizes his eyes can switch the 'sight' of others and uses this to overpower them, causing the wagon to crash, allowing Chain to lead Klaus to them. Hospitalized and mummified due to Klaus going overboard, Leo is unable to voice his irritation at Steven's 'praise' and learning Zapp was assigned as his guard.

In the anime, sometime after recovering from his wounds, Leo is walking around the hospital when he stumbles across a cemetery. There, he bumps into White, a young woman who claims to be a ghost and asks to be his friend.

A Game Between Worlds[]

Leo plays a smaller role in this arc. 

The story begins with Leo having a dream about Femt’s maid Shikigami suddenly pressing his head into her breasts. He wakes up to see a breast-shaped bird in front of his face, and an image of a malevolent god from the recently torn down wall in his apartment. His landlord then bursts into his room, stating how the apartment building will be soon converted into a luxury hotel. Leo is then promptly evicted, only having 40 seconds to gather his stuff and leave or face certain death. 

Now homeless, he is next seen collapsed on a couch at Libra headquarters. Steven suggests giving him higher pay as a member of Libra, taking into account that a portion of his earnings is sent to his sister. However, Gilbert states that Leo refused the offer as he didn’t want “special treatment.”

As the trouble regarding the drug Angel Scale is brought to light, Leo joins Zapp in hunting for information on the source and trade routes, but comes up empty-handed along with the others.

After Klaus was able to obtain information on the distributors, he once again joins everyone in hunting them down. In the end, he briefly ponders how Klaus was able to find the information exactly.

Bloodline Fever[]

As Leo rides the Hellsalem’s Lot Subway, he witnesses an individual with a beautiful aura that looked like crimson wings. 

After offhandedly mentioning this to Klaus during a Libra Party, everyone suddenly tenses up as the jovial atmosphere dies down. Klaus and Steven verified again if what Leo saw was true. They then inform him that the individual he saw with the scarlet aura was, in fact, a vampire, and no doubt one of the 13 Elders.

Shortly after grocery shopping with Zapp, the two of them coincidentally meet with Blitz T. Abrams outside the store. With the many “accidents” occurring around Abrams, Leo is knocked unconscious from a piece of stray shrapnel hitting him in the face, injuring his eye in the process. He is then carried back to Libra headquarters by Abrams. 

After finding out that Leo has the “Eyes of the Gods”, Abrams asks him to read the list of Elder's names being guarded by the severed hand of a Blood Breed that he had brought with him in a suitcase. As Leo attempts to read the note, however, he receives a backlash due to the shrapnel wound on his right eye. Having trouble focusing on close objects, his vision is stuck temporarily in a runaway state causing heightened farsightedness. 

Taking advantage of his current state, he is taken to Yggdrashiad Central Station atop the Eternal Nothingness. As he gazes into the Beyond to confirm the presence of vampires, his injured right eye cracks under the strain. He then confirms the presence of not just 13 Elder vampires, but an overwhelming number of Elder class vampires present in the Beyond.

Later, he accompanies Klaus in saving Steven and K.K., and aids him in sealing the Elder by providing its true name.

Day In, Day Out[]

Illustrating the daily lives of Libra members, Leo starts off the story getting mugged by a thug visiting Hellsalem’s Lot for vacation. As he is being dragged in the alleyway, he spots Chain hopping casually across the sidewalk. Their eyes meet, and Leo mouths for her to help him. However, she ignores him and continues on her way.

Leo is then left in a puddle of his own blood, a tooth gone and his wallet stolen. He begrudgingly laments how the money he was planning to send to his sister was taken. As Sonic looks questionably up at Leo in regards to why he didn't use his All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods on the thugs, he briefly recalls how his sister had sacrificed herself. Leo remarks that he doesn't feel it's right, using his powers for personal benefit. 

He later goes to see Patrick, and acquires a non-lethal stun baton. Finding the thug once again in a bar, he confronts the man and asks him to return his money for his sister. The thug refuses, but Leo hesitates using the stun baton on him however when the thug states that he could perhaps have a pace maker, the shock would kill him and he would be a murderer. Shocked by the thought, Leo is disarmed and beaten up once more and thrown out into the streets. 

Afterwards, Leo encounters Zapp who is still looking for the lost cat. The two of them shortly after meet up with Steven while on the road.

Powers and Abilities[]

All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods (神々の義眼 Kamigami no Gigan?): An artifact implanted and given to him by a mysterious entity at the cost of his sister's sight. He has heightened visual senses, allowing him to see fast movements normally impossible for human eyes to follow, or minute details with great clarity. The eyes are also equipped with a self-restoration function such that over time, they will heal themselves of any damage sustained.

Most importantly, his eyes see 'The Truth' of the world. This allows him to see past world altering illusions along with perceiving an individual's unique aura. His eyes are especially effective in identifying the scarlet feathered aura of a Blood Breed. Upon staring at a Blood Breed for a duration, he is able to see their "true name", but only if its heart is present. Leo can also manipulate the vision of others, including that of machinery such as Aligura's monster truck, and force them to move in the direction he wants them to, or see through another individual's eyes and even witness past events that they have seen. He is also able to use his eyes to track the individual aura of a person as mentioned in Episode 17 where he was able to find Philip's brain and track it by matching its aura with Philip's aura.

Using the power of his eyes however has its limits, as they overheat upon prolonged use of their abilities.

  • Plain Eyeballs (平眼球 Hira Gankyū?): Leo induces nauseating hallucinations on his opponents. In the manga, this technique is unnamed and Leo simply commands his opponents' eyes to obey him.
  • Vision Transmission (視野転送 Shiya Tensō?): Leo projects what he sees into the minds of others, effectively sharing his sight with them.
  • Vision Shuffle (視野混交シャッフル Shaffuru?): Leo alters the vision of those around him by shuffling their field of visions.


  • The Blood Blockade Battlefront Official Fan Book B5 states Leo's height to be 161 cm, or 5'3".
  • The Blood Blockade Battlefront Official Fan Book B5 reveals Leonardo's age to be 19 years old, and his birthday is May 14th (making him a Taurus). His short height and baggy clothing, however, make him appear younger then he is, making him the butt of "too young" jokes that he blatantly ignores. He does however acknowledge it once in the anime, in episode 10.5, when the radio show host mistakes him for a student, but Leo corrects him and says he is an officer.