The League of High Order Spirituals, abbreviated LHOS, is an organization of mostly PSI users that appears only in the Blood Blockade Battlefront anime.

About[edit | edit source]

LHOS is an organization formed mostly by PSI users that reunited all the Casters responsible for raising the barrier around New York City in order to halt the Great Collapse three years ago. The member codenamed “Elder” is the General Manager of the New York branch.

Story[edit | edit source]

Elder contacted Libra to let them know that a part of the city’s barrier was damaged, and he later tells Abrams about a caster couple that disappeared three years ago after putting up their barrier, with only their two children remaining[1]. One of the couple’s kids, William Macbeth, is part of the League while the other, Mary Macbeth, is a part of the barrier keeping the city.

The League welcomes Black after the ordeal

They formally ask for Libra’s assistance in finding the missing Mary as she is the last piece of the damaged barrier, and her brother William. While Libra searches for them, the casters of the LHOS work in repairing the barrier to prevent a second Collapse.

William, not having enough strength to repair and stabilize Mary, uses her remaining life to put up a new barrier. With the last piece of the barrier fixed, all parts could be linked to complete the repair.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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