Kirishima Eiji (キリシマエイジ, Kirishimaeiji) is the caretaker of the Botanical Garden in which Klaus attends a Gardening Club, and is taking care of an orphan girl named Mavie. He is also part of a small Yakuza group, the Namejiri gang (滑塵組, Namejiri-gumi).

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Outlaw of Green[edit | edit source]

Klaus confronts him about the monster responsible for various gruesome deaths after Libra identifies him as part of one of the two Yakuza gangs linked to the incidents. After casually admitting to being a member of Libra, Klaus asks him if he knows anything about the monster, and to Kirishima’s astonishment, if he can do anything to help him with Mavie given the situation. Reluctantly, Kirishima uses one of his plants to knock out Klaus, inwardly apologizing to him and convinced the situation with the Yakuza can’t be so easily resolved. Before leaving to join the boss, he asks one of his associates to take Mavie to a safer place after they finish loading the bulbs.

When Kirishima’s group arrives at the place they were supposed to raid, they find it already falling apart and Klaus walking out of the place with Mavie, which was kidnapped by the Kuzumi gang, in his arms.

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