The Hellsalem's Lot Police Department, abbreviated HLPD, is the law enforcement agency of Hellsalem's Lot. Given the dangerous nature of the city and its constant chaos, the HLPD has short patience for people not following warnings and orders immediately.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lately, HLPD's Lieutenant Daniel Law has requested Libra's collaboration in quite a few operations.

Dead of Night Warfare[edit | edit source]

After getting their hands on the Noctova Smile when it appeared in HL, they recruited Libra to help in transporting the tool out of the city after they received a letter from the Phantom Thief Veneno informing them of his plan to steal the mask during its transport.

Be Quiet & Follow Me[edit | edit source]

In the operation to stop the summoning of High Priest Ruddarda, Lieutenant Daniel Law asked for Libra's help. At the end, they had to leave the operation completely in Libra's hands since their countermeasure weapon, Dispel Boy Revised, was hijacked and destroyed.

Calamity Auction[edit | edit source]

When the auction for the Charops Jinko was announced, Lieutenant Daniel shared information with Libra about the operation to stop it, before he was taken out of the case and put on house arrest. His brother Marcus Law takes command of the case. The HLPD acted by forming a blockade around the venue in an attempt to stop bidders from reaching the place.

Staff[edit | edit source]

A list of named staff from the HLPD.

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