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Hellsalem's Lot (ヘルサレムズ・ロット, Herusaremuzu rotto), often abbreviated as HL, is a city shrouded in fog that borders with the Beyond and where Blood Blockade Battlefront’s story takes place.

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Origin[edit | edit source]

Three years ago, on January 1st[1], a gate to the Otherworld opened in New York City in an unprecedented event that came to be known as The Great Collapse. Casters from both the Human world and the Beyond gathered to halt the collapse by raising a Barrier and thus preventing the disaster from spreading[2].

During the course of that single night, NYC was destroyed and rebuilt as Hellsalem’s Lot. The origin of the collapse remains unknown.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The city is an island that has a circular layout and is surrounded by the sea and an endless waterfall in which lives a giant octopus-like monster, and a single bridge guarded by two beyondians connects HL to the outside. The fog that hangs over the city and the giant octopus make entry from the outside difficult.

The areas farther from the centre, which still have remains of NYC, were named by humans as “this side”. The zones closer to central HL are enveloped in a dense fog and become more distorted and weirder. At the center of the city is The Eternal Nothingness.[3]

The city’s zones shuffle from time to time, referred to as the “Zoning Lottery”.[4]

Present[edit | edit source]

The city, enveloped in fog emitted from the gate, is host to both humans and otherworlders, with humans making up one-third of the population[5] and living mostly in the outer parts of the city.

Paranormal phenomena are an everyday occurrence, and criminal and illegal organizations thrive in the city.

Locations within the city[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's unclear if all of New York City became HL; In the map shown in the series it looks like only a part of NYC was affected, but many times in the series it has been said New York City no longer exists.
  • Dark Horse's edition mistakenly translated the city's name to "Jerusalem's Lot”, like the town from Stephen King’s novel “Salem's Lot”, which was full of vampires.

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