Guinness Paruro (ギネス・パルロー Ginesu parurō?), nicknamed “Queen Bee”, is a technician that temporarily came to Hellsalem's Lot. She was Patrick’s lover and an acquaintance of K.K.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has long light hair with bangs, usually tied in a bun with some loose strands. During work, she is seen wearing a white coat or a work apron.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Guinness had a son named Andrew, who died of a disease caused by the Great Catastrophe.

Be Quiet & Follow Me[edit | edit source]

Guinness came to HL as a part of the team of engineers tasked by the HLPD with upgrading the countermeasure unit Dispel Boy in preparation for the summoning of High Priest Rudarda, but in reality she was an undercover member of the Majestic Liberation Front assigned with the job of hijacking the device.

To prevent the repair of the other anti-barrier weapon the Front kidnapped Patrick, who was spared death because Guinness asked for it, and took him out of the city with them.

After Patrick wakes up and learns of their plan, he reveals he knows that the Front took advantage of Guinness broken heart over her son’s death and was implanted with a suggestion that her son was still alive, and so was convinced to help the Majestic Liberation Front in aiding in the summon of the High Priest in order to destroy the city responsible for her son’s disease. Patrick is able to lift the suggestion on Guinness and says that their plan is doomed because his partner will repair the harpoon.

At this point she is lost on what to do, but when the others try to make Patrick confess the location of the other technician by cutting his fingers, she reacts and tries to stop them but ends up being tied. The other members threaten to kill her if Patrick doesn’t cooperate, but that makes Patrick finally take action and use a hidden weapon on their captors. After both are taken back to Hellsalem’s Lot by the HLPD, she helps Neyka and Patrick with the Longnight reparations and the crisis is averted.

She leaves the city afterwards, telling Patrick that Neyka is a good partner and to take care of her.

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