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Femt (フェムト, Femuto) the King of Depravity (堕落王, Daraku-ō) is one of the Thirteen Kings and self-proclaimed ruler of Hellsalem's Lot.


A tall, thin Beyondian with long limbs & blonde hair who wears a steel mask to hide his upper face along with a black suit & white gloves. In the anime, he wears an expensive lab coat over his suit.


Sadistic and clearly insane, Femt lives for excitement & can't stand anything 'normal'. In a city full of diverse species fighting to get along, even Zapp acknowledges that Femt is the worst.

Despite his cruel nature, Femt wants entertainment above all else, and always offers humanity a fighting chance. Considering his powers, he could easily level Hellsalems Lot by unleashing all his scientific abominations at once, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch. Ironically, he is a sore loser, and throws tantrums whenever mankind uses that fighting chance he gives them and wins.


In the anime, he is a minor villain who causes a bit trouble in the series as seen in episode 1. He re-appears in the OVA, temporarily teaming up with Leo in order to escape the bathroom hallway.

In the manga, he takes up a much larger role, being Libra's most commonly fought foe.

Powers & Abilities[]

Femt is a master scientist, well versed in both Earth science and Beyondian alchemy, and uses his army of monsters to wreak havoc upon Hellsalems Lot. His mastery of science allows him to create new life with astonishing ease and speed, at one point during the manga birthing a tremendously dangerous new homunculus race with one hand and cooking breakfast with the other, all while giving a televised speech. He carries with him an unknown amount of capsules, each of which can sprout into an abomination bound to his will the moment it touches water.


  • His height is stated, in an official guidebook, to be 168 cm, making him around 5'6.