King of the Restaurant of Kings (王様のレストランの王様 Ō-sama no Restaurant no Ō-sama?) is an OVA bundled with the Blood Blockade Battlefront Binge Bible. It follows the storyline from chapter 20 of the manga.

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Libra is invited to the Morzo Guazza restaurant by the heir to the Kingdom of Frijah as a thanks for helping his country through a crisis. The Prince traveled all the way to Hellsalem's Lot for Libra’s convenience since it is hard for them to leave the city for these things. Steven is extremely adamant on the importance of the meeting and asks the rest to behave themselves, since the Prince would be an invaluable sponsor for them. The others finally get that Steven’s insistence is for the money.

Chain comments about Morzo Guazza’s great reputation even compared to others top restaurants in the city and about the security in place to avoid the customers to run into each other, since most guests are world leaders or gang bosses and a fight between them could start an international incident or a war.

During the dinner, Steven keeps glaring daggers at Zapp and Leo. Their host, being young, is not so formal which helps easing the tension, but Steven is still worried Zapp and Leo will screw things up with their lack of manners, specially because it is said the food here is extraordinary and they only eat junk food. The restaurant gathers the best cookers from both worlds to strive for the perfect flavors, in a fusion of earthly and otherworldly cuisine.

Zapp and Leo barely contained themselves after tasting the food, and were amazed at how the others were so composed with the food’s amazing flavor. K.K. is only composed on the outside, lamenting she can’t take some food home in a tupperware. Steven tries giving a speech of Libra’s noble mission to appeal to the prince, but fails. At the same time, some guys begin a takeover of the restaurant in order to take out the prince.

Leo leaves for the bathroom, not before warning the others that if they touch his food they will be dead for him. He is accompanied by a waiter to guide him because of the shifting corridors, and Leo takes the chance to praise the food, making the waiter happy with his words. Meanwhile as the dinner progresses, the rest of Libra begin to lose composure, getting Steven more worried at every moment that they will screw things up. He gets very confused when he sees his worries over Zapp fucking up everything get thrown away since he and the prince are friendly cackling about women.

Leo seems to be lost in the halls because the waiter who guided him is nowhere to be found. While wandering the corridor he encounters Femt, who ends up recruiting him to help him navigate the shifting halls to reach the people trying to take over, while making him carry a glass of water. When they finally reach the entrance and come face to face with the assailants, Femt puts a pill in the glass to grow a monster that ends the threat. Femt says it was fortruit Leo was here today. The workers profusely thanked both Femt and Leo for saving the place and promise to learn from the experience, crying from gratitude. Femt goes back to his dinner, not before telling Leo to forget they met there.

Leo comes back to Klaus and a sulking Steven standing in the hall outside the dinner room, to see that the others were restrained inside by one of Klaus’ techniques and are having deliriums. At the end, it is shown that Leo received an invitation to come back to the restaurant as thanks for his help.

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