Z's Longest Day (Part 1) (Zの一番長い日 前編, Z no ichiban nagai hi zenpen) is the 8th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Zapp has spent his days leisurely until a Blood Breed appears at the city and he is tasked by his master to seal it off.

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Leonardo and Black watch a video about the Great Collapse and how casters from both worlds combined their effects to further stop the collapse. Meanwhile, Zapp spends his days fooling around with women, gambling and fast food. He ends up seeing a beautiful woman working at one of the food chains and starts going everyday asking about her number. The woman ends up knowing Chain and complained about a man harassing and wants her advice. As she reveals that in front of Zapp, both him and Chain end up in an argument. In that moment, Steven receives a call that a bloodgate had opened in India and a half of a Blood Breed is now in Hellsalem's Lot. They immediately head out and quickly manage to find the Blood Breed who fights with another unknown man. K.K. and Steven manage to realize who the Blood Breed is and attack him, while Zapp gets scared by the other man calling him master. As the Blood Breed escapes K.K. and Steven and starts regenerating, the unknown man uses variety of techniques and defeats the Blood Breed forcing him to turn into True Womb Egg and then uses Zapp to explain that's the final self-enclosed form of the Blood Breeds. From the abilities he used, Steven realizes that is Master Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi. Raju criticizes all of them and even more Zapp as he is his disciple and wants to take him back, but the team tries to convince him that they need Zapp. Raju then tells Zapp to render the True Womb Egg non-hostile as test.

The Blood Breed is regenerating inside the egg and Raju explains he needs to hit all of his six eyes at the same time. Raju forms a barrier around the egg with Zapp inside and Zapp starts to worry on how he can do this. Chain then speaks on the phone with the woman that Zapp likes and says that she wants to be with Zapp. In an instant, Zapp hits all of the eyes and renders the egg non-hostile with Raju congratulation him that his concentration rivals his when he is asleep, but confirms that he is his best disciple. Zapp quickly goes and takes Chain's phone asking where Angelica is, but hears a female voice telling the time, and not realizing immediately that Chain fooled him.

Black asks White, where she met Leonardo and she tells him in the hospital, but he tells her she knows what he means. Black comments that Leonardo said he met him in a subway, but he has no such memory and wonders if he really met him, but White tells him Leonardo must be mistaken.

Leonardo uses his eyes on the Blood Breed, but is unable to see its true name, making them unable to seal him. Raju tries to say something, but no one understands him and Klaus guesses its because his heart is missing as only half of his body is there. They wonder where the other half is and Raju comments that his junior disciple is coming.

Black visits their parents grave and argues with the King of Despair, saying that he agreed he can do what he wants to his body, but to not involve White, but King of Despair tells him he isn't forcing her anything and she is doing it by her free will, after which he takes over Black's body.

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