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Blood Blockade Battlefront - Kekkai Sensen Wiki

A No-Holds-Barred Eden (拳客のエデン, Kenkyaku no Eden) is the 7th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.


Chasing down a rescue request from Zapp, Klaus and Leo find themselves in an underground cage-fighting arena, with Klaus winding up in the ring. Black and Leo hit it off over lunch at the diner, and learn that they have much in common.


Leonardo and Black meet over lunch and Leonardo asks what kind of sickness White has and Black explains its she has a bad heart, making Leonardo realize he shouldn't have taken her out to a movie. Vivian spills some coffee, but it stops in the air before it hits Leonardo. As they talk and wonder what happened, the coffee hits Leonardo and Black apologizes explaining that he has Psi powers, but wasn't able to hold it off.

Arriving at Libra, Leonardo is surprised to not see Zapp attempting to beat Klaus, like he usually sees everyday. Zapp then calls him and requests Klaus help as he had been taken hostage and will be killed. As he hangs, Zapp explains that the badassest guest have been invited and when Klaus arrives he asks Ozmaldo if his debt is not clear, but Ozmaldo tells him it depends on tonight take. Klaus and Leonardo are surprised to see an underground arena and the crowds grab Klaus and push him to the ring. The announcer introduces Klaus and tells him there are two rules: no weapons and its one-on-one fight and if he do well he could see Zapp. Gregor Maximus gets on the ring to face Klaus, but at the start of the fight, he is knocked out by Jugglernose, a Beyondian. Zapp tells Ozmaldo to bring a doctor, but Ozmaldo assures him that Jugglernose is pro and won't kill Klaus. Zapp agrees, but comments that Klaus isn't and he may end up killing Jugglernose. Klaus the easily beats Jugglernose, without even giving him a chance. Seeing that, the crowd and Ozmaldo gets excited and Klaus is informed he needs to continue fighting. Leonardo tries to sneak around but finds Gregor, who realizes Leonardo is with Klaus and must know Zapp too, making Leonardo realize Zapp was involved and this is a set up. Gregor tells Leonardo that there is nothing to worry about and explains that people are gathered there not because they want to see blood, but because they love bare-knuckle fighting. Klaus keeps beating opponent after an opponent.

Zapp wonders if Ozmaldo is satisfied, but then sees Ozmaldo jumping on the ring and wants to fight with Klaus. The announcer tells Klaus that if the owner challenges him it means the ownership of the arena is at stake. As they start fighting, Ozmaldo is impressed with Klaus, who eventually switches forms and as he punches Ozmaldo, he blows up his head, revealing a Blood Breed inside of him. The Blood Breed explains that he didn't kill Ozmaldo and was just using his body and enjoyed playing with Klaus. He throws him at the fence and quickly disappears.

Zapp later thanks Klaus for saving him and explains the bad guys ran when they saw how Klaus fights. Leonardo gets annoyed at Zapp's lie and threatens to tell the truth, but Zapp explains that Klaus is now tired after all that fighting and decides its his chance to defeat him, but as he jumps, Klaus just ends up beating him again.

Leonardo later sees Black and gives him a ride. They talk about Halloween and Black explains there are no candies from where he comes, but people believe that on Halloween the dead and spirits come out. When he leaves him, Black enters a room with Femt and other people and comments that he goes next, causing everyone to boo him.