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Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me (Don't forget to Don't forget me, Don't forget to Don't forget me) is the 6th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.


While out buying lunch for Zapp and himself, Leo befriends a mushroom-like Beyondian named Nej, who has a craving for hamburgers, but is unable to buy them from the segregated 42nd Street quarter where they are sold.


Leonardo buys some burgers, as he is about to cross the street, he sees someone getting hit by a truck. He checks on it, but the person is fine explaining that he has a different skeleton than humans and keeps asking Leonardo for a burger. The truck drivers Martin and Roger come out and complain how recklessly he crossed the street. Seeing him being fine and to not escalate the situation further, Roger gives him his half-eaten burger, which Nej happily accepts.

Leonardo goes to Libra office, where Zapp waits for him to bring the burgers and starts eating them, commenting that all but the major chains pulled out after the Great Collapse. Leonardo realizes that they no longer print images on their wraps and Zapp explains its because they hate seeing someone from outside eating their food and that the alterworld people are often seen as monster. Leonardo later have similar conversation with White, who also comments it hard for different species to understand each other.

Leonardo later sees Naj again and Martin and Roger bringing him some burgers, but charging him much more than usual. As they leave, Leonardo tells Nej he could have eaten 16 burgers for the money he paid, but Nej is aware and explains that he can't buy them himself and its hard to find humans willing to buy them for him. Leonardo decides to start buying them for him and to not charge him extra. They spend some days eating burgers and eventually talk about mothers and Nej explains that neither he or his mother have memories of each other.

Martin and Roger got in trouble and Roger pissed himself, Martin put on a gas mask to avoid the smell. They end up hitting Nej again, and Roger got angry and started hitting him. As he kept hitting him, Martin tries to stop him, but eventually Nej becomes red and unleashes some spores, making everyone around him collapse, but having a mask, Martin takes Roger and runs away. On the next day Leonardo waits for Nej, but he doesn't come. Martin realizes that Roger has lost his memory. Chain informs Steven of a case from last night of mass fainting and mass amnesia with people not remembering their last 13 hours. Leonardo overhears them and goes looking for Nej, realizing he may have been the cause. He manages to find him, but realizes he doesn't remember his last hours either. Martin then knocks Leonardo and kidnaps both of them.

Along with Roger, Martin has tied Leonardo and Nej and is beating Nej, explaining that when he turns red he releases spores that cause people to forget what had happened. He wants to obtain the spores and use it to get out of trouble and even score some money. As Nej starts to turn red, Leonardo wakes up and confirms that what Martin says is likely true. Nej tries to hold the spores, not wanting to forget about Leonardo and to be able to eat burgers with him again. As Martin and Roger keep beating him, Leonardo uses his eyes to stop them, but after that Martin gets angry and hits Leonardo with the bat. Seeing that, Nej gets angry, turns red and releases big amount of spores, causing a mass amnesia incident making people forget the last two weeks.

Leonardo gets discharged from the hospital and decides to eat some burgers. He wonders why he ordered for two and seeing the burger he starts crying. He sees Nej running towards him and getting hit by a truck, but as he is fine, he asks him to give him his burger. Leonardo feels they have been through this situation before, but decides to give him his burger. Leonardo later visits White and sees a boy who he recalls seeing in the subway before. White explains thats her big brother and he introduces himself as Black.