The Tremorous Blood Hammer (震撃の血槌, Shingeki no Chitsuchi) is the 5th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Aligura, the Queen of Monomania, is on the hunt to find her creation, Brody & Hummer, and her monster truck is tearing up anything that gets in her way! Meanwhile, Femt and the King of Despair make some secret plans of their own.

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White is upset and Laonardo can't understand why and if he is at fault. Zapp sees that Leonardo is bothered by something and suggest they eat something, but Leonardo explains they would be late for the meeting. As they fight on eating or meeting, a large monster-machine destroys a big truck and then starts chasing them.

Klaus and Blitz visit Dog Hummer, who greets them as they haven't seen for a while. As they free him, Blitz tells him that Aligura, the one who did this to him is back. Dog has no memory who that is, but Deldro comes out from Dog's body asking if this is true and Blitz confirms, saying that she probably wants to recapture them. Meanwhile, Leonardo falls from the scooter and gets caught on the side of the truck and Aligura finds him.

Aligura had capture Leonardo and explains him how cool her boyfriend is, but as his looks could be improved, she found a really handsome man and decided to make them one person. She turned Deldo into blood and replaced Dog's blood with Deldro, but Klaus had taken him from her. Leonardo wonders if she plans on using him as hostage or his power, but Aligura explains she will take him back using her own power.

Klaus arrives with Dog and Brody and seeing Aligura, Dog recalls some of the experiments she did. He jumps at her monster truck and summons Brody around him and attempts to punch the truck, but as the truck is too sturdy, he only manages to stop it and sends himself flying.

Aligura starts asking Leonardo if he has girlfriend or at least a girl he likes, but finds him dull as he can't say much. When her monster truck reactivates, she again goes after Dog and Deldro. Sonic sneaks communication device for Leonardo and Steven informs him that they plan on destroying the truck he is in and wants Leonardo to take control and lead it to them. As he does and makes it turn, K.K. kills the monsters protecting it, Steven then freezes its tires, making it unable to accelerate. Klaus launches it into the air and Dog and Deldro prepare to punch it with all their strength. Dog realizes that won't work and tells Deldo to gather all of his blood into a fist. Deldo disagrees at that would expose Dog to danger, but eventually accepts and gathers his blood into a fist. As the monster truck is about to him them, Dog and Deldo punch it and manage to destroy it and send it flying. As it flyins metal pieces from it fall all over the sky, causing hundreds of casualties and damages. Chain grabs falling Leonardo and they fall into a net created by Zapp's blood.

Later at the hospital, Leonardo sees White and hides. When he decides to head home, Sonic refuses to go and Leonardo gets annoyed and goes to White, inviting her to a movie. They sneak out and see a comedy movie, but after it White starts crying. Leonardo apologizes and also comments it also made him willing to cry as it reminded him of his family and thinks of himself as pathetic as he always causes trouble for his sister. White tells him he is a good guy and sits closer to him and hugs him.

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