Blood Line Fever (BLOOD LINE FEVER, BLOOD LINE FEVER) is the 4th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

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Leo spots a person with a crimson wing-like aura, whom Klaus later determines to be one of the vampiric Blood Breeds. Soon after, the vampire expert "Lucky" Abrams arrives in town to use Leo's vision to learn more about the Blood Breed threat.

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While riding the train Klaus comments that some people emit light and Black tells him that 50% of the people who live in Hellsalem's Lot are monsters, 20% of unknown variety and 25% are humans. Leonardo wonders about the remaining 5% and Black says they cannot be seen through regular eyes and are dangerous.

The Libra is having a party and they talk with Patrick. Klaus ask Leonardo how is he and Leonardo shares he saw someone with incredible crimson aura, stretching out like wings. In that moment everyone surrounds him and the music stops. As they asks him to confirm what he said and show him a red color asking if its like that, Zapp tells Leonardo that he saw a vampire. Klaus comment they need to call a specialist, making everyone disappointed, but Steven comments he will come even if they don't call him. Leonardo asks Zapp who they talk, but even Zapp was annoyed.

Zapp tells him its Blitz T. Abrams, known as "Lucky Abrams", a leading vampire expert and Klaus considers him as mentor. Zapp comments that just having good luck won't get you that name and in that moment Blitz comes and calls Zapp, a monster then hits a truck, causing incident and a piece of glass strikes Zapp's forehead and a metal piece hits Leonardo on the head. They go to Libra office, where Gilbert comments they knew Blitz was arriving, which surprises him as he didn't notify them, but Gilbert explains that there was incident at the airport and everyone except Klaus figured he was coming. Zapp asks Leonardo if he now understand the meaning of Blitz' nickname and everyone's expression when they heard about him and Leonardo nods.

Blitz shows a severed arm holding a piece of paper and explains its related to Elder 13, an eminent group of 13 eternal beings who possess an astonishing regenerative capacity and next to no weaknesses. He explains only one time they run into them and lost large number of people and believes that the piece of paper the hand holds is the real names of those individuals. He asks Leonardo if he can read it using his eyes and as Leonardo tries, he starts reading it, but then sees burning flame and sparkles.

Blitz, Klaus, Zapp and Leonardo head towards the Eternal Nothingness. They stop at the Yggrdashiad Central Station, located directly over the center of the hole that is the heart of Hellsalem's Lot. Blitz explains that they will conduct a search using Leonardo eyes. He tells Leonardo to close his eyes if he sense anything abnormal, but then tells him to close them in the very possible last second. As Leonardo looks into the hole, his eyes crack, causing him injury and he tells Blitz that he saw much more than 13.

Gilbert calls Klaus, telling him that the FBI is requesting their help as they are engaging elder-class Blood Breeds. K.K. and Steven head out for the station where the vampires are. They face some ghouls created by the vampires, but easily defeat them. Chain films K.K. and Steven's fight against the vampires and streams it to Klaus while they rush back. As he sees K.K. and Steven being defeated, Klaus gets angry. Steven says that no matter how much time passes, they will eventually beat the vampires, but even now there is someone who can bare his fangs against them. A train then passes and Klaus jumps from it, he uses his technique and smashes Tonio Andretti. He then touches Valsh Rozzo Valctovoel Girika calling her name, surprising her he knows it and then seals her.

Leonardo thinks they survived today, but wonders about tomorrow. He then sees the Libra members aura burning and realizes he is wrong, realizing there is chance and who knows about the tomorrow. While in the train, he recalls his talk with Black, and how he asked him if he can see those remaining 5% as well, but Black comments he may be right and asks him to guess what is he and that he already knows his name. He visits White, but as he isn't in her room, he goes to the cemetery and asks her to go back as everyone is looking for her, but she refuses. Black then calls Femt and tells him its his friend, King of Despair.

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