A Game Between Two Worlds (世界と世界のゲーム, Sekai to Sekai no Gēmu) is the 3rd episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

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When the president is attacked by a man under the influence of a powerful synthetic drug called Angel Scale, Klaus and K.K. travel to the alterworld to challenge a Beyondian big wheel to a game of Prosfair in order to uncover the source of the drug.

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Leonardo takes a picture of White and comment that he sees her. White laughts, but again confirms she is a ghost and jumps at him. Leonardo wakes up in his apartment, and sees half of his room and hotel is gone and a large monster is seen. The landlord the comes and tells him he is evicted as this place is now a high-end hotel and tourist attraction as he hit the jackpot with the monster appearing. He ends up sleeping in the office and Steven asks Gilbert if they should increase his pay, as he still keeps his other job and sends money home. Gilbert comments that he suggested the same thing, but Leonardo refuses taking more than the regular payment. Zapp then comes and sits on Leonardo's head. He explains he fought someone, and although he looked human, he kept fighting even decapitated. Steven comment on a drug Angel Scale, that allows for temporary physical alteration and tells Chain and Zapp to start investigating it. Sonic then starts looking at Zapp and eventually moves his eyes down and Zapp realizes that Leonardo had stopped breathing and starts shaking him to wake up and not die. They do their best, but are unable to find anything about Angel Scale.

Klaus goes and meets with K.K. and head out to a mansion. Outside of it, Klaus sees Korsakov Ulchenko, a grandmaster and wonders why he is there and tells him its safer if he leaves, but Korsakov tells him he got the wrong person and continues inside. Entering the mansion, they are welcomed by Don Arlelelle Eruca Fulgrouche, one of the leading bosses in the alterworld. He summons a Prosfair game board, a chess-based board game, but Klaus stops him, asking if he intends to play two Prosfair games today which Don Arelelelle confirms. Klaus says that Korsakov is one of mankinds greatest assets and if by any chance he loses his mind today it would be a tremendous loss for their world. Korsakov stops Klaus and explains he is aware of what can happen and he shouldn't assume he would lose. Before entering in a room with Don Arelelelle, Klaus advice Korsakov to not try and checkmate him, but Korsakov doesn't understand what he means.

Korsakov asks Don Arelelelle that his country posses a nuclear weapons and Don Arelelelle states that request is worthy of nine-hours game and if he can last that long, draw of win, he will fulfill his request. Korsakov also requests that Klaus and K.K. to be eliminated as he can't allow outsiders to know that he was here. Don Arelelelle explains Klaus isn't someone to talk about this, but he would accept this request too if the game becomes ten hours, but if he loses he will claim the rest of his life. Meanwhile, Klaus explains he had played against him before and he barely holded until the time runs out. As their game ends, Don Arelelelle comments that almost held until the end with two minutes left, but he still lost. As he is about to kill him, Klaus stops him and asks him to do that after their game and Don Arelelelle agrees, but requests a 99 hour game.

As they start playing, Don Arelelelle asks for Klaus' other request and he asks about Angel Scale's sources and trafficking routes. K.K. realizes Don Arelelelle set up two games, knowing that Klaus will want to save the person and he can asks for longer game. As they play, Don Arelelelle can't understand why Klaus is risking his life, considering how important information he wants, he tells Klaus that Korsakov asked him to kill Klaus, but Klaus explain that humans are weak and because of that sometimes they behave in ways devoid of self-respect. But it doesn't matter if they do and no amount of setbacks will alter the way he lives his life. Klaus manages to withheld for 99 hours and Don Arelelelle tells him about the Angel Scales and frees Korsakov. K.K. then immediately gives the information to the Libra and they raid the places and stop the drug.

Later, Leonardo spends some time with White, showing her pictures he took as she couldn't leave the hospital for the last three years.

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