Bratatat Mom (BRATATAT MOM) is the tenth episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 25 of the manga.

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K.K. refuses to participate in a mission to prevent a deal between criminal organizations because it's parents' day at her youngest son's school and she has already missed it the last three years because of work. Steven says it's okay for her to turn down the job but makes her feel guilty by telling her they might die and the rest of the team might never see their own children again, so she ends up accepting.

Her son Kane is upset with her for breaking another promise to him making her guilt worse. Her oldest son Mark chastises her for getting Kane hopes up knowing he still believes her, unlike him who is already used to it. Yukitoshi Kiritani, K.K.'s husband, arrives home and tries to diffuse the situation explaining to Kane that her mother doesn't like breaking her promises and loves him deeply. Later he tries to cheer his wife by telling her their children will understand one day that her job is part of what allows them to be safe.

Making her mind the next day, she contacts Patrick to get her some high technological weapons that can be used remotely so she can attend parents' day while working. Through the day, she is trying to balance watching the classes with carrying out the mission. She even learns her son as a cute classmate called Caroline, whose father Alan Foster seems to be as busy with work as her.

Everything was going relatively fine until she realized one of the mechanical creatures Steven and co were fighting was a Blood Breed because it didn't show in her devices, so to help she will need to go in person. Kane is not happy with her mother leaving and gets angry, but KK assures him she loves him and while it hurts her having him hate her for leaving, she is fine with it as long as she can keep him safe.

While heading out she notices in passing that Alan, Caroline's father, doesn't have a reflection. Angry with herself for not noticing sooner when they have spent the day together, she follows him to the roof after he says he is going there to smoke. Meanwhile, Steven is fighting with the armor Blood Breed alone, unknown to them that it is a part of the one with K.K.

K.K. stands up to Alan ready to fight him and asks if he was here for the children. Alan says he is here for the same reason as her, but now that he has been discovered by a fang hunter he would have to fight her. Right then, they are interrupted by Caroline and Kane who come searching for them, making Alan lose concentration and letting his other half get pierced by Steven. He admits his defeat and goes back with his daughter, and K.K decides to let him be and returns with Kane to the classroom.

Steven ends up in the hospital after barely winning the fight, and Alan decides to leave the city along with his daughter to keep her safe now that his identity was uncovered by the fang hunters.

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