Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone, Part 1 (マクロの決死圏(前編)) is the eighth episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 17 of the manga.

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Leonardo walks with Riel and is surprised that Sonic is fine with him and chases a flea on Riel. Nuzruba then appears and takes them into a back alley where he takes all their money. Later, Leonardo wakes up and a moment later something hits him on the back of the head. A small ball rolls out explaining that he is a doctor Li Gado, who is fighting against various pathogens using his superweapons. He points out to Leonardo that he is not looking at him and Leonardo uses his eyes to see the doctor being a micro flea.

In a museum, Dog is enjoying the paintings, while Alice, the prison warden, complains that this is unusual and normally they won't release an SS-rank prisoner, but Klaus assures her its fine. Elsewhere, Riel cries for running while his friend was beaten and wishes he was bigger and stronger, so things like that to not happen and a unknown entity confirms that would be right. Li Gado tells Leonardo about a terrorist bacterium, Gemnemo, a super dangerous microbe. Li Gado explains that he isn't a flea and this is a exosuit and he is a microbe too. Li Gado tells Leonardo they need to find and arrest Gemnemo, before something bad happens, but his super-giant weapon broke to pieces, after it hit Leonardo on the head. Leonardo's landlady then requests his help to get her cat back, as it went in the maze between the buildings. As he offers to wait a bit longer for the rent, Leonardo quickly agrees and using Sonic and his eyes, he manages to navigate the maze and find the cat.

At Vivian's dinner, Zapp sees Leonardo's friend, Riel, and comments he looks a bit different since last time, but asks him to lend him some money. As he keeps insisting, Riel sends Zapp flying through the window. Riel gets scared and runs in an alley, where he recalls his conversation with the entity from earlier. Two men serving Nuzruba approach him, annoyed he didn't say hello, but he beats them and gets even bigger and bulkier. Li Gado fixes his weapon and still insists of Leonardo to help him, and Leonardo decides to take him to Libra. He explains the situation to Steven, but he has no information about Gemnemo and comments that Zapp was in a hospital. Li Gado explains that Gemnemo likes to enlarge and strengthen living things, as he performs a procedure of a germ, then implants it on the target, where the germ starts multiplying. Meanwhile, Riel breaks Nuzruba pinky as payback for what he had done to him. The police arrives, but Riel gets even bigger and beats them easily.

Dog & Deldro were being escorted bad towards prison, when they see flying policeman. Klaus call Libra to inform them about a giant man rampaging and the warden Alice, grants permission for Dog & Deldro to get involved. Seeing a picture of the giant man, Leonardo recognizes that's Riel and Li Gado explains it must be Gemnemo doing. Klaus and Dog try fighting him, but that results only in Riel getting even bigger.

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