After the Phantom Ghost Wagon (幻のゴーストワゴンを追え, Maboroshi no Gōsutowagon o Oe) is the 2nd episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While Zapp makes Leo's daytime job delivering pizzas a living hell, they spot a dry cleaning van that is more than it appears to be. When Leo is kidnapped, the rest of the Libra team must work together to rescue him from his captors.

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Going to Libra office, Leonardo sees Zapp trying to attack Klaus but gets easily defeated by him. Klaus explains that Zapp tries to defeat him everytime he sees a chance.

Leonardo works as pizza delivery boy from Dogimo Pizza. As he makes a delivery, Zapp opens and takes the pizza. Leonardo begs him to return it, knowing he won't pay for it as he recalls how many time he got attacked by Zapp and the pizza being taken by him. Heading back, Leonardo complains why is Zapp everywhere he goes, but Zapp suggests that Leonardo is a stalker. Leonardo wonders if Zapp's ability is the same as Klaus and Zapp they are similar, but its different styles. Leonardo then notices a cleaning truck, but his eyes tell him that it's not just a cleaning truck. As he sees they get noticed, Leonardo drives away, and Zapp calls Chain, but Yahabio attacks them and realizes that Leonardo could see through Shiboroba's illusion. He receives order to take it and Zapp manages to put his blood on him, so that Chain can follow him.

Inside their truck, Leonardo sees they are keeping people alive and realizes they would be used for food. He tells them that cannibalism is forbidden and they won't get away with it, but Shiboroba tells him he was the only one who saw through his illusion and then open his eye and see Leonardo had the All-Seeking Eyes of the Gods.

The doctor explains that all the blood they transfuse to Zapp it disappears and can't understand why. Steven realizes that Zapp had connected his blood to Leonardo and a thin thread of blood stretches out and once the truck stops, he will burn it, and they can follow it and find Leonardo. Meanwhile, Leonardo tries to find a way to escape by himself and activates his ability making them see the monkey. But as Yahabio starts to choke him, he again activates his ability on all of them, and unable to handle what they see, the truck turns over. In that moment, Zapp opens his eyes and lights up his blood and Chain starts chasing the burning thread. Klaus and Steven also follow Chain and they manages to reach the truck. Stenve immediately defeats Udeshiubo and Klaus obliterates Yahabio and Shiboroba.

Later in the hospital, Leonardo lies in bed and covered in bandages and Steven congratulates everyone as they manage to save 19 missing people and learn about illusion they didn't knew it existed. Steven wonders if Klaus put Zapp as bodyguard for Leonardo, but Klaus says that he tried, but Zapp refused. Steven starts to laugh telling Klaus that he doesn't understand other people's hearts and mind and Leonardo realizes why Zapp was always around him and thanks him for everything he done, but rages and says he would never say that considering how he attacked him and took the pizzas.

Few days pass and Leonardo starts to feel better. He walks around the hospital and takes picutre, but finds a cemetery and thinks its morbid. A girl then laughs and says that's why no one but her visits the cemetery. She knows Leonardo's name and introduces herself as White, a ghost.

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