After the Phantom Ghost Wagon
Episode 02
Episode Info
Kanji 幻のゴーストワゴンを追え
Romaji Maboroshi no Gōsutowagon o Oe
Air Date April 12, 2015
Episode Direction Uehara Hideaki
Storyboard Matsumoto Rie
Screenplay Furuya Kazunao
Animation Direction Sugiura Kouji (Chief), Horikawa Kouichi
Episode Chronology
Episode 1 Episode 3

After the Phantom Ghost Wagon (幻のゴーストワゴンを追え, Maboroshi no Gōsutowagon o Oe) is the 2nd episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.



While Zapp makes Leo's daytime job delivering pizzas a living hell, they spot a dry cleaning van that is more than it appears to be. When Leo is kidnapped, the rest of the Libra team must work together to rescue him from his captors.



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