Get the Lockout!! (ゲット・ザ・ロックアウト!! Getto za rokkuauto!!?) is the sixth episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from the first half of Chapter 26 of the manga and from chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the Back 2 Back manga.

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On a mission, Zapp and Leonardo are in a bad position and start arguing, which makes the enemy realize their location. To protect Leonardo, Zapp kicks him and he ends up hitting the enemy and knocking himself out. He dreams of the events with his sister and how he got the eyes, after which he wakes up in a hospital. Luciana comes in commenting that she heard he attempted a headbutt but failed, making Leonardo realize Zapp lied and get angry at him. Leonardo asks Luciana if she could make his sister walk again and regain her eyesight, but Luciana doesn't recommend it, considering many unknown factors are present. He guesses its the same for his eyes and she sees that he has the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods. Magra de Grana comes and confirms that in all of the known cases of the eyes appearing, there was always someone close going blind, but in none of these cases it mentioned if they were ever removed, making him guess that a great sacrifice is needed to a divine being in order to be able to remove it.

Leonardo returns to Libra disappointed that there is nothing he can do to help his sister. Zapp then enters and kicks him, starting an argument and fight with him, but as Steven is working on something important, he asks them nicely to stop, which scared both of them. Steven explains that he is working on stopping terrorists from summoning another earthshaker as the casualties would be too great, so he is working on tracking them down. When he starts the operation, a mosquito enters the office and explodes, moments later they hear explosion from outside and Zapp recognizes that's Doctor Planario, which they had imprisoned a year ago, but sees some of his cell had escaped. They all rush to stop him from evolving further and leave Anila in the office, who then notices dozens of mosquito on the ceiling. Steven easily freezes Doctor Planario, but then realizes he can't contact Anila. Returning they see the elevator is gone and split up for other ways to reach the top office. Unable to find another entrance, they call Yurian, Libra's locksmith and he confirms they are block physically and magically blocked.

They see Chain coming, but before are able to warn her, she approaches Libra office and defense system activates and hits her. Zapp and Zed quickly catch her and she explains she saw the office being full of dragon crane bugs. Leonardo then sees a major earthshaking being being summoned and Steven is surprised how fast they were able to do it. K.K. calls him in that moment, wanting to blow up the office, but Steven stops her as his computers and Anila are in there. The insects contact Klaus saying that they realized their existence some minutes ago and are evolving as each moment pass. He plans on staying there until he evolves into a god and activates maximum security. As Leonardo saw the activation, Klaus asks him to use his eyes on him, so that he can also see the net of light.

Klaus starts climbing the building with Leonardo on his back, avoiding the security net. Reaching the top, he tells K.K. to start shooting. The insect knows this is pointless as the security will hold, but realizes it may be diversion and goes out and attacks Klaus, who protects himself with his blood technique. Yurian manages to take the security system for a moment, which allows Klaus to enter and kill the insect. The major earthshaker is about to reach the ground, but as Steven got back his computers, he manages to track them and stop them before the summoning is complete.

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