One Butler’s Blitzkrieg (とある執事の電撃作戦[ブリッツクリーグ) is the fifth episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 10 of the manga.

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Gilbert is checking if the order is complete and Leonardo decides to help him with the boxes, but a tentacle suddenly hits Gilbert and breaks his spine. The Head Maid of Reinherz family, Catherine Bates, calls Gilbert, who tries to hide his injury, but Catherine already knew, commenting that Klaus can't hide things from her. She informs Gilbert that she is sending additional help. Philip Lenore from the Reinherz Family Special Butler Corps arrives and introduces himself to the group and informs them he will be taking Gilbert duties until he recovers.

Philip starts assisting Klaus serving him tea the moment he was about to call Gilbert and even enjoying it. Philip then assisted Zapp, who came with a broken arm and Zapp later joked that Philip may end up replacing Gilbert permanently. Later Leonardo shows Philip around Hellsalem's Lot and brings him to Vivian's dinner. As he is introducing himself, he starts saying he is from Libra, but Leonardo stops him and later explain that there are lots of people who have issues with Libra and its better to keep it a secret. As they walk around, Leonardo bumps into a Beyondian and Philip tells him to return what he stole. As the Beyondian refuses, he engages and beats him, returning Leonardo's wallet. Leonardo shows that his money is hidden all over his clothes and his wallet is just a ruse, as he know he will be robbed and this way its better as he can avoid additional trouble and danger. Back at Libra, Philip catches Gilbert to be working with the command uplink system for Libra and tells him he can learn it fast, so that Gilbert can rest, but Gilbert explains he can't allow that as having this information would make his brain cost quite a lot and he will be targeted by both humans and non-humans. Philip realizes that Gilbert thinks he isn't strong enough and then wonder why does he allow Leonardo to come and go then, but Gilbert explains that facing things head-on isn't the only way and he must have realized it while spending time with Leonardo.

In a bar, Philip is frustrated and drinks. He recalls how he always wanted to be like the legendary combat butler Gilbert, but when he was finally accepted into Reinherz family, Gilbert had left with Klaus for Hellsalem's Lot. The next moment, the bar turns into a monster mouth and eats Philip. A Beyondian tells the thief that stole Leonardo's wallet, that he will take a peek into his brain and he would be able to kill his family. As he looks, he finds Philip is involved with Libra and gets scared, but the thief tells him this may end up being good.

The next day, Philip enters Libra and Zed feels something off. He goes to the command console and Gilbert touches him from behind using Morse code. He tells Philip to touch his face with left arm if he is forced to do this and Philip reveals that his eye is missing, making Gilbert realize his brain and eye was extracted. He instructs him to continue using the console and after that knocks him out. Gilbert asks Leonardo to find Philip's brain with his eyes. Gilbert informs Klaus, but tells him to not get involved as Philip won't take it easy when he learns he endangered his master. As Gilbert and Leonardo prepare to leave with the car, Zapp and Zed decide to join them.

Philip wakes up and sees he is in the car. Gilbert tells the Beyondians that they have three choices: release his brain and leave; fight them and lose the brain to them; or destroy his brain, for which they will kill all of them. As the Beyondians start laughing, Gilbert assumes they refuse first option and tells them they will atone the crime of doing this to his fellow butler. They reach the factory and using the car weapons, Gilbert makes an entrance and starts killing the Beyondians. They see Philip's brain, but a Beyondian gets to it first. They keep chasing him, avoiding multiple obstacles and attacks. The Beyondian eventually jumps on the car and cuts Gilbert's head in half, but Gilbert tells him he merely cut his bandages and will regret challenging Regeneratore and then shoot and kill the Beyondian, taking Philip's brain back.

At the hospital, Philip tells Gilbert, he should have informed them, he had regenerative abilities, but Gilbert comments that the ability only keeps him alive in the event of fatal injury, by providing rapid regeneration, but beyond that he is normal old man. Philip comments he has lots more to learn and Gilbert proposes he come formally work for Libra, but Philip refuses.

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