Werewolf Mission: Chainpossible (人狼大作戦[チェイン:ポッシブル) is the fourth episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 15 of the manga.

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General Gahnen talk on a phone with a woman wondering if the werewolf squad is real or not. As she confirms it, she comments that it sounds like they infiltrated him already and people turn visible and start shooting at him.

Back at the office, Chain, Emelina, Olga, Janet and Im are scolded by Delimid, that they shot 94 bullets but neither had hit General Gahnen. The Deputy Chief comments that it must be God's desire that they don't turn into assassin and that makes the girl happy. As they disperse, Im follows Chain and Chain assumes its about their tokens. Im wonders what her most important thing would be, guessing what the other girls important thing is, but Chain tells her she needs to make her decision soon and that she won't tell her whats Chain's token.

Chain then sees Leonardo scolding Nej for forgetting their meeting and tells him to get a phone, but Nej explains that if he had such money, he would buy burgers. Chain hides her presence, but acts as the spirit of burgers and gives Nej a memo, where he can write important things to not forget them. She continues her way and receives a call from Steven and informs him that the plan went flawlessly and general's plan for a Blood Breed solider program are put to rest. He congratulates her on her work and tells her she can go home and rest. She goes home, which is full of trash and empty alcohol bottles and as he lies on bed, she falls asleep immediately. Later the general speaks with a woman and wonders how the invisible werewolf managed to infiltrate his house, but she explains his defensive system can't catch their stealth and comments how their ability works.

On the next day, Chain arrives at Libra, stepping on Zapp who gets angry and says he will use her big knockers for some "Rocky" action, showing he will punch them, but Chain gives him a disgusted face with Zed O'Brien commenting that was despicable sexual harassment. She receives a call from Delimid and with the other werewolf are called for a mission. Delimid explains they picked on BB virus warheads, assuming BB stands for Blood Breed and while it may be a trap, they need to act and not let those missiles launch. He shows them the floor plan and explains they need to disable four computers at the same time. They proceed with the infiltration dropping from the sky, but see a missile launch. They still proceed with the infiltration, but with Plan B, that would require the warhead to be disarmed and send over the ocean. The girls reach the computers and starts hacking them. Meanwhile Klaus enters Delimid's operating room and shows him a picture asking if he knows who the woman is and tells him its Velved Rheinkeimer. Delimid is surprised as she had changed her appearance quite a lot since her time with the Werewolf Bureau, making Delimid comment they should have killed her when they got the chance. The Chief comments that she no longer has the ears, eyes or nose to pick on a werewolf. Klaus explains that two weeks ago she had made a deal with dangerous being, the King of Hypersensitivity, Zeodra. Klaus believes she may have obtained something from him that would allow Velved to pick on the werewolves. At the same time, Velved grabs each of the werewolf girls and they realize this is Velved. As she still haven't caught Chain, Velved says that they need to reach the console to stop the missile or it will restart and head to its original location. Chain fights it funny that an invisible werewolf is chained by something visible. Velved starts to search for Chain, but is unable to find her and wonders who deep she diluted herself. The other girls warn Chain that if she keeps diluting, she may not be able to return. Velved tries to use all of her sensitivity looking for Chain and manages to feel a small presence. As she attacks, Chain materialize only her gun, which Velved accidentally hits the trigger and shoots herself. The other girls are then freed and manages to neutralize the warhead.

As Chain is missing, they activate an emergency salvage protocol and give it to Steven. He can't understand what Delimid means by token, but Delimid tells him just to proceed with the plan and thtat his is the biggest reason for Chain to return to this world. On the protocol, it says Steven to visit Chain's home. When he opens the door, Chain is there picking up her trash and feels embarrassed, throwing Steven out and screaming.

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