Day In Day Out (Day In Day Out, Day In Day Out) is the third episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 7 of the manga.

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Leonardo dreams of the time with Michella when they were forced to choose and he was given the eyes. He wakes up on a bend and see people running and hear announcement that Count Gigagigafutmassif is moving and they need to avoid him to not be crushed. While looking at the Gigagigafutmassif, Leonardo bumps into a man, who then drags him in a back alley. Leonardo sees Chain and calls her, but she looks at him and ignores him, and the man beats Leonardo.

At his apartment, Steven talks with his housekeeper Veded, who cleans the house for tonight party that Steven prepares. He then talks on the phone with some of the guests that will be coming and Veded tells him she is glad seeing him enjoying himself, as he usually looks tense, which surprises him as he is often told people can't say what he is thinking.

Zapp spends another night messing with a woman, but is awaken by Tracy, who informs him that his can Mizaria is missing. The other woman jokes that its likely already turning into doo-doo in some demonbeast, which angers Tracy, who is also a caster and uses a spell making the woman breasts explode. Tracy then puts the same spell on Zapp's manhood and tells him to find Mizaria by 13:00 or she won't remove the spell.

While Zapp looks for the cat, Steven welcomes his guests and then releases Veded for the night. Leonardo wakes up, realizing that the man that beat him also took his wallet and the allowance he was to send to Michella was inside. As Sonic wonders, Leonardo explains that he didn't want to use his eyes on people like him. He visits Patrick, wanting a weapon, but takes a stun baton. He finds the man in a bar and asks him to return his wallet, but the man points a knife at him. Leonardo takes out the stun baton and tells him he won't kill him, but the man asks what if he had a pacemaker and then punches Leonardo as he hesitated. He takes Leonardo outside and beat him and shocks him with the stun baton. Going inside the bar, he sees Chain and tries to pick on her, buying her a drink. She tells him she will do anything if he beats her on a drinking game, and as he accepts, people in the bar starts betting on who will win. As they start drinking, the man finds the drink too strong, while Chain is drinking them with easy, making him wonder if he is being hustled.

At Steven's apartment, he goes to the kitchen, but then all of his guest's arms turn into weapon and point at him. He realizes they want him alive and know they won't reveal who wants to capture him, but explain that he realized they were enemies and had taken action at the door entrance and put blood needle in each of them. He then activates his abilities, freezing everyone in the room. He reveals they placed it well, but few small things made him realize something was off. Men that work only for Steven then enter the room and take the guests. Meanwhile, at the bar, the man falls from drinking too much and Chain is announced the winner. She takes their wallets and leaves. The bartender tells them they need to pay for the drinks. The man asks Torakichi to pay, but as he also doesn't have money, he attempts to punch the bartender, but loses his arm. The bartender tells him they have no choice but to take out what they consumed out of their bodies.

Zapp finds Leonardo and explains his situation, asking him to find the cat for him, but Leonardo explains he can't find a cat he never had seen before. Leonardo wants to speak with Tracy and convince her to remove the spell, but Zapp cries explaining she won't listen. Veded drives her can with her son and daughter and they find a cat and the men from the bar who only had their heads left.

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