A Phantom Hospital Ward Rises is the second episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 21 and 22 of the manga.

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Zapp is injured and is being transported by a chopper. Unable to find a free hospital, the team sees a strange hospital that wasn't there 15 mins ago. Seeing a team ready for the chopper, they decide to leave Zapp and Leonardo on the roof helipad. Leonardo calls Steven and Klaus. Arriving, they recognize the hospital and explain that three years ago during the Great Collapse, they were in this building.

Three years ago, while driving in the fog during the Great Collapse, Klaus and Steven find a baby. They decide to take is somewhere safe and head to the hospital. Inside the hospital, they meet the doctor and Luciana Estevez, but soon they hear the guards outside firing their weapons. Klaus and Steven head outside and see a Blood Breed, who explains that he is just walking his dog. Klaus wonders if this fog is their doing, but the Blood Breed explains this world had always existed and sometimes the human world and this world merge like this. He releases his dog, who instantly passes by Klaus and Steven and enters the hospital, at the same time, the Blood Breed attacks Klaus and Steven, who manage to block his attack and Steven to freeze the Blood Breed arm and break it, but he regenerated it instantly. Klaus decides to fight the Blood Breed alone, while Steven heads inside and defeats the dog and return in hundred seconds. As they start, a building is about to fall and crush them, but stops before crushing them. The Blood Breed escapes and comments that it seems the human world had strong caster and its time for them to retreat. Klaus and Steven later awaken in the city and couldn't find the hospital anymore.

At present, a crash happens outside and medical staff from the hospital comes out and helps them. They see the doctor from before and enter the hospital, where they find multiple versions of younger Luciana, who get scared after seeing Klaus. As she tries to run, Klaus grabs her hand and sees how another copy of her leave her body and keeps running. The hospital director Magra de Grana appears and explains that three years ago, it was chaos for the Beyondians too and as he was going around helping some, he ended in the hospital and saw Luciana heavily injured. He gave her the power to divide herself and perform simultaneous high-speed treatments, even though it would mean she is no longer human. Klaus apologizes for not being able to protect Luciana back then, but she tells him its fine and explains that the other people from three years ago are being kept on life-support in human-cocoon state as the seeds released by that beast are resting in their bodies and continue to extract energy. They found that 13 hours ago and as their nutrition is no longer being transferred, they surfaced on this side and Luciana is sure that the bastard will also appear. As they hear tremors, the dog appears taking energy from the patients and asking when the hospital will be back to the other side. Zapp in a wheelchair mocks the dog, but gets smashed on a wall. Luciana merges into more adult version and slices the dog to pieces. The Blood Breed then appears and tries to kill Luciana, but Klaus protects her. While Klaus fights the Blood Breed, Leonardo sees his name and sends Klaus a message with it. Klaus then says the Blood Breeds name Zamedle Lolow Zeaze Nazamsandriga and seals him.

Later Zapp wakes up in bed all bandaged and wonders where the dog is to slice him to pieces, but Leonardo tells him, it was already sliced.

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