Lights, Camera, Action! is the first episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond.

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Leonardo was kidnapped and the released with a weird creature in a jar on his head. Zapp saves him from a fall and Femt shows on the screens, announcing that he created new creature that lives for six hours, six minutes and six seconds, but during that time, it keeps growing and eating. They see another jar breaking and the creature eating the person and growing. Zapp and Leonardo start running as more and more creatures start chasing them. The rest of Libra appears and easily kills the creatures chasing Zapp and Leonardo. Chain informs them that more and one super big is coming, but its easily killed by Klaus.

At his home, Leonardo prepares to play a game on his new X-Station, but receives a call from Zapp who tells him to open his window. As he does, he sees an explosion and Zapp throwing a box inside his apartment and telling him to bring it to the office. Inside the box, Leonardo sees the head of USA Presidential Envoy Franz Ackerman and wonders why he is inside. At the office, Steven and Klaus look at the remaining body of Franz and Steven guesses its the work of Headless Duke Durer, a man who has an illegal site with hundreds of live heads as exhibits and you can converse with them. Klaus promises that they will return the head.

At Leonardo's apartment, Franz asks Leonardo to give him his phone, so that he informs his colleagues for his whereabouts. A bit later, Leonardo and Franz sneak out and see how agents approach his apartment and blew it, making Franz realize he has traitors within his ranks. Duke puts a bounty on Franz and multiple organization and people start looking for him. Leonardo is found out and starts running. Chain comes stopping the guy chasing him, but soon others get on his tail but K.K. and later Patrick with Neyka help him out. Franz comments that he though Leonardo to not be fit for this city, but now wonders why he came here as he neither lived here before or is running from something. Leonardo recalls his reasons, but doesn't share it with Franz, instead he asks him how is the outside world and Franz tells him its still in fear and trepidation.

Getting closer to the Federation Hall, Leonardo gets excited, but Dog Hummer & Deldro Brody shows up telling him to be careful and protecting him from tank shots. But in the attempt to protect Leonardo, they accidentally send him flying and return back next to his home. Leonardo starts panicking, but Franz manages to calm him down. Taking a pizza delivery scooter from a coworker, Leonardo manages to reach the Federation Hall in time, but there he sees Klaus and Steven taken hostages and Rachel demanding Franz head. Leonardo wonders what Steven and Klaus are doing and they explain they are just mindful to not cause anymore incidents. As Duke decides to take everyone head, starting with Klaus and Steven, Steven freezes him up, while Klaus destroys him.

Franz later gives speech, while Leonardo wants to wait for him to finish and discuss his compensation for his destroyed home, but Libra explains that way, the monster will know where he lives and he will be killed, making Leonardo cry for his X-Station.

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