Hello, World! is the 12th and the final episode of the Kekkai Sensen anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Time is running out in Hellsalem's Lot, as The King of Despair has now set his plan into motion, Leonardo Watch rushes to find White admist the chaos while the other members of Libra works to try and stop his plans, in order to save the city. There will be lots of infighting against Libra and pursuit continues.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Femt smacks Leonardo to confirm he is alive, but Leonardo tells him he is dead. Zapp and Zed are looking for Leonardo. Steven informs Klaus that the League is waiting for the casters to arrive to start the barrier repair and that they have received a formal request for the search of the lost final one. Elder informs Libra that the barrier isn't completely destroyed and the final one lies in Mary Macbeth.

Femt says that he isn't friend of the "container" Black, but knows who is inside. Seeing that Leonardo has lots of questions, he tells him that if he wins on a coin game, he will answer, but if he loses, he will stay there, but then gets annoyed when Leonardo looks relieved and starts beating him. As Leonardo refused, Femt goes to King of Despair in the chapel, leaving Leonardo to try and escape. King of Despair comments he had seen the Great Collapse from same place three years ago, but Femt comments that he was a bystander since Rome time and was brought to a standstill by the Great Collapse and that if he is going to do it, he needs to have more fun and "nonsense".

Libra had learned Leonardo's location and Zapp and Zed are heading towards him. King of Despair comments that he isn't lacking "nonsense" as their whole existence is absurd and in that moment, the city buildings start to shift and fly, while zombies with animal heads start attacking people. Libra starts fighting the zombies. Leonardo manages to escape and Sonic finds him outside, giving him his camera and showing him that White recorded a message, asking Sonic to save Leonardo and not let him die. Leonardo then decides to head for the hospital, but Blitz sees him and causes meteors to strike with his luck. He tells Leonardo that White isn't human, but Leonardo already knows she is a barrier. As they don't know for how long things will hold, they need to find White. Leonardo continues and Dog Hummer & Deldro Brody catch up to him, realizing he needs to get on top of the newly formed tower, he grabs Leonardo and throws him. Chain grabs Leonardo, but as they were about to him, she vanishes, but Zed uses his blood threads and captures him and softens his fall with his wind technique.

Klaus reaches to top and sees the King of Despair, who tells him that he isn't waiting for Klaus, but Klaus also tells him he isn't there for him, but for William. As he wonders where he is, King of Despair uses Black's powers and attempts to injure himself, telling Klaus its a game and he must protect him from himself. Leonardo is assisted by Steven and K.K., who kills the zombies and clear his path. One of Leonardo's eyes cracks and he starts to panic. As he is surrounded by zombies, Zapp comes in and kills them, but burns a bit Leonardo, which annoys him and he punches Zapp. Leonardo wonders if he can continue with one eye, but Zapp encourage him saying that as lost as he has will, he can. Gilbert comes with the car and Leonardo continues towards the top. Meanwhile, Klaus and King of Despair started fighting. He manages to knock Klaus down and tells him that he didn't choose William, but he accepted him and that he had same look in his eyes like Klaus, so he is sure that even if he dies, his next him will revive him. Leonardo reaches them, saying that he doesn't' like that and that isn't a reason for someone to die. King of Despair wonders if Leonardo will kill him with his eyes, but Leonardo tells him he doesn't know if that's is the right thing or not and will keep thinking about it until he lives and the next time they meet, he will try giving him a better answer. Using his eyes, he sees Black inside, who says he doesn't want to die. Leonardo then yells at White, telling her that if she takes one step towards the light, her soul will never be beaten and to not give up.

A bit later, White opens her eyes and sees Black and then Leonardo. Leonardo tells her he knows what she is and that Black wants to live and that if she is scared from the light, he will hold her want and lead her as many times she needs. Leonardo then headbutts King of Despair and uses his power, sharing his vision and causing him to see White. Moments later Black regains consciousness and tells White that the world will collapse one day, so why not now, but White tells him to not lie. Black cries and says that he is scared and for him a world without her is no world at all, but White tells him that even without her, the world will continue to exist and that he must live. Black hugs her and tells her that he doesn't have enough strength left to recover and stabilize her, so he will use the strength left in her body to reestablish a new barrier. As he does, White disappears.

Klaus congratulates Leonardo on what he did and comments that he saved them, and that he is proud of him.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The episode is length equals two normal episodes, making it 46mins long.

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