Run Lunch Run, To The End (ラン!ランチ!!ラン!!! to the end, Ran! Ranchi! ! Ran! ! ! To the end) is the 10th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.

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Leo, Zapp and Zed's lunch time turn to the bizarre when they come into several restaurants, one weirder than the other, until they are dragged to a heated battle along Klaus and Steven. Afterwards, Leo is cornered by the King of Despair and White, who want to use him for their own, personal reasons.

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Leonardo, Zapp and Zed are about to eat some burgers at Vivian's place, when something fall upon the building. Zed quickly moves Leonardo and Vivian saving them, and Zapp stops the rock from crushing Zed. He tells Zed to not cause him trouble and Zed apologizes and thanks for saving his life, which is something Zapp didn't expect. He goes out to see whats going on and sees Klaus fighting multiple enemies and requests their help.

Sometime earlier, Leonardo invites Zapp and Zed to go eating, but Zapp doesn't want to take Zed as their food will smell fishy. Leonardo decides to take only Zed then and feeling left, Zapp joins them and takes them to a sushi restaurant, but seeing Zed don't mind it and wants to enter, he tells him this is cannibalism. Zed explains that fish in the sea eat other fish and his low level culture won't insult him. Zapp then takes them to a restaurant that a Beyondian prepares the food by puking it and Zed is fine with that too, while Leonardo begs him not to eat there. They visit couple of more places, each more weird than the other. Leonardo starts complaining on why they don't go somewhere normal and Zapp is annoyed commenting that Zed is relieved that Leonardo turns all those places, making Zed comment that he no longer hides that he haze him.

Daniel Law informs Klaus and Steven about The Thousand Regioka Brothers, an emerging mafia family who managed to get 1000 chinese-made powered suits and requests Libra's help. Steven realizes they also may end up arrested by Daniel and comments that his concerns are possible, but such big case will reach those with sharp earns and other troublemakers may join the opportunity. Hearing that Steven realizes that he is pushing Klaus "buttons" and then sees Klaus is fired up already and they accept.

Blitz calls Klaus and Steven and takes them to a meeting with League of High Order Spritituals, organization that brings together the casters who raised the barrier stopping the Great Collapse. They are met by Angelica who explains that the doctor, Elder, is still not here, but Elder soon arrives and apologizes for being late. Steven then receives a call from Daniel, giving him information about the power suits.

Leonardo and the rest are already starving and they go to a fancy restaurant, but before they start to eat, the owners lover arrives drunk and starts asking him when he will leave his wife. As the wife is there, they start a long argument and end in a fight, splitting blood on Leonardo, Zapp and Zed's food. As they weren't able to eat and visit another bad place, Leonardo goes crazy wanting food and Zapp realizes they could have gone to Vivian. They drag Leonardo to her place and order. As they are about to eat, the place gets destroyed and they end up fighting the Thousand Regioka Brothers. After that, they visit the very first sushi restaurant, where Zapp gets sick from the tuna and spends the rest of the day in the hospital.

Elder tells Blitz that one of the barriers got destroyed when Libra fought a Blood Breed, but he doesn't blame them as the barrier can't be harmed physically. He tells Blitz that after raising the barrier three years ago, they lost the whereabouts of one person and that the caster couple that was in charge had perished, but their children managed to get out. He explains that one of the children is a caster in the League.

Meanwhile, King of Despair sees a running woman with face injury, who tells him that she will be killed. He sees her chasers and enters the alley, telling them to guess who he is and if they are correct, he will capture the woman for them, but if not, he will kill them. The first one mocks him and then explodes.

In the hospital, Leonardo and Zed see White and Zed leaves them to go check on Zapp. They go in the chapel, where Leonardo comments that she usually doesn't visit it and White says that she feels like praying and whispers its for Leonardo's sake. The King of Despair then arrives, saying she is lying and wishes to pray for her sake and wonders if she still hopes for salvation. White tells Leonardo that she wants he to give her his All-Seeing Eyes of the God.

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