Dr. Gamimotz (Dr.ガミモヅ Dr. Gamimodzu?) is a researcher that is studying and experimenting with the Prosthetic Limbs of the Gods (神々の義肢 Kamigami no Gishi?) all over the world. When first meeting Leonardo Watch, he was possessing Michella Watch's fiancé, Toby McLachlan.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dr. Gamimotz appears as a skeletal creature with numerous sharp, insect-like limbs, dressed in a high-collared cape and wearing a top hat over his bald head. Several of these limbs are altered into the shape of surgical equipment. He carries four coffins chained to a length of bone behind his back. The skull of a previous holder of the 'All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods,' along with an intact left eye, is attached to the hollow right side of his head, allowing him to use its powers. According to him, the eye he possesses is at least 150 years old. His possessed victim is mummified and attached to him via cords running from the victim's mouth. Because he hides his actions by manipulating visions, Dr. Gamimotz has altered himself to make his body extremely light so as to become as quiet and nimble as possible.

Dr gamimotz.png

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Possession: Dr. Gamimotz can perform an operation on his chosen target and possess them via a surgical procedure, thus enabling him to control their actions. His targets are mummified and attached to him through various cords running from their mouth, though he claims that they are unharmed and their consciousness are simply trapped in a dream. He can detach his current victim as and when he chooses, such as when he is preparing to possess a new target, and can only possess one person at a time. However, the quickest procedure he can manage takes at least 30 minutes, thus giving others time to interfere if they are able to discern his presence.

Prosthetic Limbs of the Gods (神々の義肢 Kamigami no Gishi?): In addition to the 'All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods,' Dr. Gamimotz possesses at least four other prosthetic limbs of the gods, including an arm and a leg, that he stores in the coffins on his back, and can unleash them and use their powers. However, their abilities were not shown before he was attacked by Klaus Von Reinherz, which caused his already damaged 'All Seeing Eye' to explode and kill him. It is unknown how he came into possession of the eye or the prosthetic limbs, as he did not receive them through contracts such as the one Riga El Menuhyut made with Leonardo.

  • All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods (神々の義眼 Kamigami no Gigan?): Dr. Gamimotz can manipulate the vision of numerous people, including making them oblivious to a murder just committed, or taking over the sight of multiple drivers in order to cause an accident.
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