Daniel Law (マーカス・ロウ Danieru Rō?) is a Hellsalem's Lot Police Department (HLPD) lieutenant who works alongside Libra. In exchange for not arresting Libra for illegal activities, he requests cooperation with incidents around the city.

He has a younger brother, Marcus Law, who also works for the HLPD.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Daniel is a man with brown hair and bangs that covers his left eye. He wears a maroon tie, a white shirt with a brown vest and a tan trenchcoat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He could and probably will bite you, maybe not with his teeth but his words.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Daniel first appearance is in a cameo in “Z’s Longest Day”, when the plane carrying Zed O'Brien and the Blood Breed’s other half was about to crash in the city. He gets properly introduced in the next chapter.

Run! Lunch!! Run!!![edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Daniel Law asked for Libra’s help for the Thousand Regioka Brothers case because the HLPD doesn’t have enough manpower for the operation. He tells Steven and Klaus that exactly a thousand units of an old model of power suits were recently exported from China without a trace to where, and given the timing and the numbers the HLPD suspects the units were acquired by the Regioka Brothers and brought to HL.

Steven tells Law he doesn't trust them to not use the chance to arrest Libra, so Daniel responds that it crossed his mind doing it but reminds them chaos will get worse if they don’t help, knowing full well Klaus would then accept. Steven tells him he will be in debt to them, but Daniel is quick to respond that is the reason he hasn’t arrested them right there. He also praises their sniper telling them they know it's there but his men can’t localize it, but after calling her flat chested K.K. shoots next to his head.

Spectral Eyes, Phantom Vision[edit | edit source]

He was in charge of the police unit restraining the low class, beast-like Blood Breed that was rampaging in the city until Libra arrived to deal with it upon his request.

Dead of Night Warfare[edit | edit source]

When Steven approached him knowing about the Noctova Smile descend, Daniel got angry and worried that the information about it was already circulating, but Steven assured him they got it first hand from one of their members. Daniel then decides to let them help with guarding the tool.

Law gives Libra the details of the operation to transport Noctova Smile out of Hellsalem's Lot since it was now under the US government control, telling them they wouldn’t need to worry about the barrier's guardians. Right then, the HLPD receives a letter from Veneno announcing his plans to steal the mask during its transport.

As promised, Veneno attacks them during the transportation with the aid of a spatial organization user. Complicating everything more, Curious appears and kills Veneno to take the tool for himself. Daniel threatens to shoot him up if he doesn’t hand the mask, but Curious refuses and escapes the scene.

Libra follows Curious to get back the tools, and much to Daniel's dismay, Klaus ends up letting the mask get destroyed.

V-Dimensional Lineage[edit | edit source]

Daniel tells Steven and Klaus the result of the HLPD investigation regarding Veneno's death at the hands of Curious during the Noctova Smile transport’s operation. The only thing they could salvage from the scene was his aged head, that ended up disappearing along the room where they were inspecting it after being sucked inside the hole that was in the place of the head's right eye. Of his dimensional sword Senza Nome there were no traces left.

The Criminal Inside the Imprisoned Saint[edit | edit source]

Daniel and the police department help in searching for warden Alice Neverhayworth and Dog Hummer & Deldro Brody after they were captured by Deldro's old gang.

My Life as a Doc[edit | edit source]

Daniel was in charge of the persecution to capture the dangerous criminal Bordoi Minsk, but Luciana Estevez stops them when Borsoi enters the hospital grounds telling them per Bradbury's rules he is now under their care until he recovers. Daniel, obviously angry, sends Libra to watch over him until then to impede him from trying to escape.

After the guy is released, the HLPD is ready to arrest him with Libra's aid. After successfully detaining Borsoi, Daniel was in high spirits so he hosted a party for Libra and reluctantly invited Dr.Estevez upon Klaus' request.

Be Quiet & Follow Me[edit | edit source]

Daniel shares with Libra information about the Majestic Liberation Front, the new group aiding in the imminent summon of High Priest Rudarda, and about the countermeasure anti-barrier machine “Dispel Boy” the HLPD is upgrading to deal with the summon that Libra will be tasked to escort to place. A week before the summoning, the machine gets hijacked and goes out of control so Libra ends up having to destroy it. Daniel is just really miserable with the outcome.

When Patrick and Guinness Paroru are found, Daniel is the one to pick them up and bring them back to HL so they can fix the other anti-barrier weapon.

Calamity Auction[edit | edit source]

At this point, while Daniel still has a certain distrust for Libra -for Steven specially- he has made a habit of sharing information and cooperating with them.

For the case of the Charops Jinko auction, Daniel knew Libra would be their best chase for succeeding, so when Klaus is imprisoned he is ready to argue with the decision of the higher ups. But his brother Marcus tells him that because of his involvement in the Noctova Smile fiasco, Daniel is to be put under house arrest until the operation is over.

Steven gets to him thinking he was the one who sold them out, but Daniel denies it and tells him he will contact him later.

Power and Abilities[edit | edit source]

He has the resources of the HLPD.

He can smoke 3 entire packs of cigarettes in a day.

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