The first DVD & Blu-ray disc in the series.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

Limited Edition Bonus[edit | edit source]

  • Special Event participation priority sale ticket (event on October 4, 2015)
  • Original Sleeve case drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow
  • Digipack drawn by character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto
  • 2 page original manga drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow
  • 48 pages special booklet

Video Bonus[edit | edit source]

Shop Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Animate:
    • Mini colored paper: Steven ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Promotional Poster (volume 1 purchase)
    • PC Wallpaper (Animate Online volume 1 purchase)
    • Drawn All-Volume Storage Box with Klaus, Leo, Zapp, Steven and Sonic (all volume purchase)
  • Sofmap:
    • Mini colored paper: Leo ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Drawn All-Volume Storage Box with Fento, Klaus, Leo, Zapp, Steven (all volume purchase)
  • Toranoana:
    • Mini colored paper: K.K. ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Drawn All-Volume Storage Box with Chain, K.K., Michella, White (all volume purchase)
  • Gamers: Original design tattoo (all volume purchase)
    • Mini colored paper: Chain ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Drawn Microfibre towel with Leo, Chain, Sonic, Neji (all volume purchase)
  • Amazon:
    • Mini colored paper: Black ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Drawn All-Volume Storage Box Key Visual (volume 1 purchase)
  • Tsutaya:
    • Mini colored paper: Klaus ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Book cover (volume 1 purchase)
  • Tower Records:
    • Mini colored paper: Zapp ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Drawn Original Mouse pad with Leo, Zapp (all volume purchase)
    • "TOWERanime x Kekkai Sensen" Special Collaboration Poster (volume 1 purchase)
  • Rakuten Books:
    • Mini colored paper: Zed ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
  • HMV:
    • Mini colored paper: White ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
  • Animega:
    • Mini colored paper: Michella ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
  • 7net:
    • Mini colored paper: Femto ver. (Pre-Order purchase)
    • Big Strap: Klaus ver. (volume 1 purchase)
  • Amiami:
    • Glasses case & Clear cloth (volume 1 purchase)
  • Melonbooks:
    • Illustration card (Pre-Order purchase)
  • Animaru:
    • Drawn B2 Tapestry (all volume purchase)

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