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Curious (キュリアス, Kyuriasu) is a villain that appears in Blood Blockade Battlefront: Back 2 Back.

List of Appearances[]

Curious first appears in B2B Volume 3 chapter 5: Dead of Night Warfare and makes multiple appearances throughout the manga:


As far as personality is concerned Curious seems to be quite arrogant and prideful, going as far to claim "There are 7 Billion of you, so what worth is there to the individual names of you lot?"[1]

Despite harboring some distaste for the U.S. government Curious isn't particularly malice person, but instead sees himself as more of a collector and has a strong desire to obtain the tools from the Book of Demise. Curious introduces himself as "The man who obtains all forms of ruin"[2]


Curious (real name Asaf) was a wealthy prince with a possible middle eastern background who obtained the Eternal Compression Clock from the black market. While under his possession four cities mysteriously vanished. After those events the U.S. government confiscated the clock and Curious was presumed dead.  Sometime later the clock reconstructs a compatible host and thus Curious was born.


Curious uses one of the Weapons of Calamity: The Eternal Compression Clock.  This allows him to manipulate an object or persons age, regenerate, and produce clock-like parts from his body.