Watchman Leo (Watchman Leo, Watchman Leo) is the 2nd chapter in the Blood Blockade Battlefront manga.

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As the building was sliced, Chain was able to dodge the attack and asked Zapp if he was okay. He was fine, which annoyed Chain for him now having enough wounds. They went to see Klaus and saw that he covered Leo and took damage. Leo was wondering why did he cover him, but Chain explained to him that this was normal for their boss.

In the mean time, Femt was happy of the deaths the half-god made and was telling that the humans must hurry and find the other gate, or something terrible will happen if he is completed.

Zapp thought that Leo was the cause, but Chain told him that if Klaus covered him, then that means he is not the gate. Then they realized that it must be the monkey that was with Leo. Chain approached it to catch it, but the monkey slipped and fell off the building, and Chain jumped after it. Klaus told Zapp that they must move, since the police will be here soon. Klaus told Leo that he must have seen the arm that came out of the gate in that 1 nanosecond. Zapp was surprised, since he wasn't able to see it. Klaus asked Leo if the reason he was able to see it was his eyes. Leo then told of his past, that he went with his family to Jerusalem's Lot, and a monster came in front of them and asked him to choose who will see through the end. Zapp assumed he must have sacrificed his sister, but Leo told them that before he was able to say anything, his sister suggested to take her eyesight instead of Leo's. In that moment the police came. As they were surrounded, Klaus asked if Leo can help them, since he believes his ability will be essential for this case. The policemen were annoyed for ignoring them. Klaus told them to leave the police to him, as the police was pointing their guns at him, he told Leo that he is not a coward, since he have come this far without giving up. He then used his weapon and in a single attack defeated all the policemen.

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