Werewolf Mission (Chain Possible)
Chapter 15
Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Chapter: 15
Japanese Title: 人狼大作戦(チェイン:ポッシブル)
Romanized Title: Jinrō dai Sakusen (Chein: Posshiburu)
Total Pages: 62
Year Released: August 18, 2012
Jump SQ.19: 2012-Vol.3
Chapter Chronology
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Werewolf Mission (Chain Possible) (人狼大作戦(チェイン:ポッシブル), Jinrō dai Sakusen (Chein: Posshiburu)) is the 15th chapter in the Blood Blockade Battlefront manga and is the 4th episode of the second season/



Chain and her fellow werewolves are tasked to a special mission, unaware that an old enemy of theirs is waiting for an ambush.