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Those Shrouded in Fog (霧に烟ぶるものども, Kiri ni Kemuri Buru Monodomo) is the 1st chapter in the Blood Blockade Battlefront manga.


Leonardo Watch

Michella Watch (Mentioned)

Vivian (Name wasn't revealed)


Zapp Renfro

Johnny Landis (Mentioned)

Klaus Von Reinhertz

Chain Sumeragi



The chapter begins with Leo, directing his narration to his sister, as he thinks about his life in the city of Hellsalem's Lot. He is in a diner, and orders a coffee. He talks with Vivan, and it's established that he is a journalist writing a guide to Hellsalem's Lot. His stomach growls and Vivan reprimands him for filling up on the coffee with free refills. She gives him a sandwich under the condition that he washes dishes later, her father's idea. Leo explains he needs to send money to his sister. While the two are talking a mach-monkey steals Leo's camera. Leo chases after it, calling out for the monkey. Vivian didn't see it, as mach-moneys move too quickly for human eyes to see.

While chasing Sonic, Leo and the monkey find themselves in the crosshairs between the police and a criminal. Leo does his best to avoid the bullets and explosions, and he runs into Zapp. Zapp, confusing Leo for Johnny Landis, scolds Leo for not coming to the agreed meeting place. Leo pretends to be Landis in order to get out of the immediate danger he's in.

Zapp leads Leo away, and Leo contemplates coming clean about his identity, but when Zapp mentions the secret society Libra, Leo decides to continue on. After passing through a few more alleyways, they finally reach the base. Inside, Klaus introduces himself to Leo, and Zapp tries (and miserably fails) to attack Klaus. Klaus explains that this is a regular occurrence. Suddenly Chain enters the room from the window, landing on Zapp. Zapp yells at Chain, who keeps her cool and returns insults to Zapp. When Chain hears that Leo is Landis, she reveals the real Johnny Landis is dead. She pulls up a file on Landis, and his picture looks just like Leo's head upsidedown. Zapp gets mad at Leo, who explains that he needed Zapp's help, and upon hearing Libra, he decided to come because he has something he wants to know.

A monitor turns on showing that the criminal from before was caught. As he was being led into the armored car, he suddenly splits open with half of a monster coming out of him, slashing everything. The monitor switches to Femp, the King of Depravity. He explains that this was his work and that he wants to play a little game. He says that if the monster finds his other half, he will be strong enough to break the barrier around the city and that every 13 mins the other half will be showing for a nanosecond.

Everyone prepares to keep watch for the monster's second half, when suddenly it appears in the middle of the room, slicing the building in two. The chapter ends with some more narration from Leo directed toward his sister Michella.