Be quiet & Follow me. (Part 1) (Be quiet & Follow me.(前編), Be quiet & Follow me.(Zenpen)) is the 13th chapter in the Blood Blockade Battlefront B2B manga.

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It’s the time of the month when the Great Priest Rudera gets summoned, so Libra & the HLPD are getting ready to deal with it, specifically with the magic barriers used by his subjects to protect it. As a backup plan, The Longinite AMH (Anti-Magic Harpoon), a weapon that can disable and eliminate any magic defense, gets delivered to Hellsalem's Lot so Patrick can fix it.

While helping Neyka in unpacking some weapons, Zapp asks her why she hangs with Patrick, so she tells them she used to be a mercenary and was picked up by him. Zapp and Leo laugh at Patrick and say he seems like an irresponsible person, so they end up being electrocuted by Neyka.

Meanwhile, the HLPD is preparing for the summoning ceremony with the revised “Nederhiem Type Computer Anti-barrier system Dispeller Boy”, and is collaborating with Libra for the operation. Steven is doubtful about the machine because of a previous incident.

A female engineer called Guinness Paroru, who is part of the team making revisions for the machine, meets with Patrick since they are old acquaintances. Patrick asks her about her son and if it was hard to raise him during the Great Collapse, to which she responds that she was diagnosed with PTSD after getting caught in the midst of it while working as a weapon dealer and that she wants to protect her son.

Later on, Steven explains to the rest of Libra the plan to prevent the summoning. Libra is to escort the Dispeller Boy computer to the site and when the magic barriers are disabled, they will suppress Rudera. A sudden explosion coming from the police station interrupts them. Daniel Law frantically calls them to stop the computer that is now running wild and attacking the staff. Libra has no option but to destroy the machine to stop it, much to Daniel’s dismay. With the operation now in Libra's hands, Neyka and Patrick need to finish fixing the harpoon. KK tells Neyka, with Patrick’s approval, that Paroru and him were lovers a long time ago before she got married to someone else.

At the same time, Libra is investigating the engineers that were working with the HLPD since they suspect the computer’s hijacking was an inside job. While checking Paroru's file, Klaus finds out that  her child has a mental responsive disease caused by the Great Collapse, when unknown pathological factors of occult origin were released.

Patrick goes to visit Pallot in the hospital, since she was injured during the machine malfunction, but once he arrives there she shoots him.

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