Ardamachael Zi Zirlahia Or Salzmailolos (アルダマハエル・ジ・ジルラヒア・オル・ザルツマイロロス Arudamahaeru ji jirurahia oru zarutsumairorosu?) was a Blood Breed not of the elder class that went berserk in the middle of the city.

Story[edit | edit source]

The HLPD, with Daniel Law in charge, tried to contain it until Libra’s arrival. They managed to blow his head which it failed to regenerate correctly, but nothing more.

Soon afterwards Libra shows up and fights with it until Leo, who was hesitating in reading his true name because he was being watched by Dr. Gamimotz, finally gave Klaus the name of the creature allowing for it to be sealed.

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